Social media is a dominating marketing avenue which has taken over the business world. With such a great boom in information technology, many businesses have taken up social media to market their products and services which provide more effective ways of reaching more customers. Many companies hire social media personnel to help them achieve their targets. The job of a social media specialist is an important one as it is responsible for providing a company with a great opportunity to reach out to potential customers.

Job Scope of Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists are required to be knowledgeable of social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By using these channels in an efficient manner, social media specialists ensure that information of companies’ products and services are provided to prospective customers. Everyone uses social media and it is the job of a social media specialist to take advantage of this.

Social media specialists perform large-scale researches in order to understand where a target market is. Once they have established this, they devise strategies and plans to meet the demands of the target market using the benefits of technology. They set up company pages on different social media sites and ensure that they receive traffic by employing many online marketing tactics.

Social Media Specialist Job Description

• Develop and lead social media programs in order to build awareness
• Evaluate social media trends and work towards employing appropriate strategies
• Create and implement social media strategies in accordance to company policies
• Maintain interaction with clients and prospects through different avenues
• Develop strategic and innovative methods of engaging fans and clients
• Prepare and edit publications for social media websites
• Develop unique and compelling content for websites and social pages
• Oversee blogs and post appropriate replies
• Conduct marketing social media activities
• Aid in the management of social media campaigns
• Identify opportunities for the company to expand its marketing efforts through social media
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams in order to develop social media marketing and communications strategies
• Devise and implement crowd-sourcing, viral marketing and PR crisis management directives
• Analyze performance of social media marketing procedures
• Set up and optimize company pages in order to increase visibility
• Moderate user-generated content to ensure accuracy and appropriateness
• Build meaningful connections between pictures and content
• Monitor benchmarks for measuring impact of social media activities
• Write reports on the effectiveness of social media marketing programs
• Identify online sales opportunities and perform follow up activates