Communications Officer Cover Letter Samples

Updated on March 19, 2017

Usually employers receive a heavy quantity of cover letters and resumes for Communications Officer position. Since it’s their job, they do reduce the pool to a readable number through resume parsing software. This software scrutinize resumes on the basis of keywords and relevance. After scrutinizing, hiring managers instantly decide whether or not the candidate has job worthy skills.

A communications officer cover letter that has no typing errors or grammatical mistakes and contains prudent information will surely grant you the interview. Remember to use active voice when you write your cover letter for Communications Officer Resume as it shows that your written communications skills are good.

Following are two examples of a cover letter based on these principles.


Communications Officer Cover Letter Sample 1



Oliver Harley

677 Galaxy Sq | Topeka, KS 66611 | (006) 444-3333 | oliver @ email . com

March 19, 2017

Ms. Susan Marx
HR Manager
Dickinson Enterprises
822 Wesley Sq
Topeka, KS 66611


Dear Ms. Marx:

I am writing to apply for Communications Officer position currently available at Dickinson Enterprises.

As a seasonal communications professional with 5+ years’ relevant experience, I fully understand the importance of media presence for any firm. Throughout my career I have always demonstrated remarkable ability to maintain productive relationships with the press along with ability to manage inter and intra-company communications effectively.

Some highlights of my competencies:

• Expert in content development and overseeing the design and production process
• Competent at coordinating interviews and managing public appearance of unit personnel for marketing purposes
• Special talent for researching and writing articles for promotional publishing
• Ability to monitor the company’s presence on the social media and other web based platforms
• Familiar with communication equipment including two way radios
• Adept at routing calls and transferring the same to the concerned departments
• Demonstrated capability of maintaining ample press relations on behalf of the company

I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how I could make a solid contribution to Dickinson Enterprises. Please contact me at (004) 185-9565 now to confirm your interest. It will be a pleasure to answer any queries you might have regarding my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking with you soon.



Oliver Harley

Encl. Resume


Communications Officer Cover Letter Sample 2


333 Cardinal Forest Lane
Lorton, VA 12345

March 19, 2017

Ms. Kimberly Harris
Manager (Admin & HR)
World Wildlife Fund, USA
Greendale Drive
Lorton, VA 12344


Dear Ms. Harris:

I am interested in speaking to you regarding Communications Officer position with World Wildlife Fund. My experience in different communication related disciplines have prepared me well to contribute significantly to your organization. Having had considerable experience in creating and implementing communication strategies and developing internal communication solutions in different environments, I am comfortable working in a more challenging environment.

I have worked for Greenpeace for over seven years where I got familiarity with the communication demands of an entity working for conservation. I am highly skilled in building and strengthening connections between employees, grantees and the public in general in order to bring about strategic leadership for internal communications and drive change management. Additionally my collaboration, facilitation and communication skills are excellent as is the demand of this post. My resume (enclosed) speaks volumes for what I have to offer being part of a dynamic team.

I am looking forward to the prospect to leverage my capabilities to the cause of WWF and convinced that it will be mutually beneficial for us to meet. I will call you by the end of next week to follow-up on my application and to set up a meeting time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Betty Collins

Enc. Resume

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