Communications Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: January 6, 2021

Working as a communications officer is a great opportunity. In order to obtain this opportunity, you have to make sure that your resume is up to the mark.

In fact, your resume has to be superior to those of other people applying for the same job. In your resume for a communications officer position, it is important to highlight what makes you an excellent person – skills and experience. But these are not it.

You have to tell the hiring manager how accomplished you are as well.

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For instance, highlighting the fact that you strategized and implemented a communications and outreach strategy all by yourself will make a prospective employer want to interview you.

Sample Resume for Communications Officer Position

Blake Jordon
100 Barrow Road, Pearl Harbor, HI74649
(000) 999-9999


Resourceful and industrious individual, with over 8 years of experience in a communications capacity. Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, build, and implement creative media strategies in order to meet institutional communication goals.


  • Singlehandedly implemented an outreach strategy to create a better company’s image in the media.
  • Implemented a needs assessment program that was 50% more efficient than the one already in use.
  • Devised a marketing campaign, increasing the customer base by 65%.
  • Independently built promotional content for the company’s website and social media channels.


Communications Officer | 7/2013 – Present
General Electric, Pearl Harbor, HI 

  • Create and develop marketing concepts, as well as implement social media strategies.
  • Capitalize on audience analysis data and metrics results.
  • Develop digital content for social media channels.
  • Market digital content to target audiences.
  • Strengthen digital engagement and attempt to grow the reach of corporate messages.
  • Contribute to the strategic design of all digital campaigns.
  • Direct the flow of information within an organization.
  • Prepare and manage communications department budgets.
  • Write and distribute press releases.
  • Maximize the organization’s chances to be featured on different media platforms.

Communications Assistant | 5/2008 – 7/2013
World Vision Inc., Pearl Harbor, HI 

  • Followed the company’s social media channels in order to ensure consistency of content.
  • Assisted in communication with the company’s internal and external communications.
  • Supported the implementation of communications and outreach strategies.
  • Wrote and edited content for social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Performed records keeping and filing tasks related to the communications department.

Bachelor’s Degree in Communications
Hawaii State University, Pearl Harbor, HI


  • Strategy Building
  • Outreach Programs
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Evaluation
  • Needs Assessment
  • Campaign Development
  • Matrix Building
  • Media Relations 
  • Content Building
  • Brand Promotion
  • Events Management

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