Thank You Letter after Accepting Nursing Job Offer

Updated on: August 19, 2022

Now that you have received a job offer, it is time to sit back and relax until you join, right? Wrong!

There is one more thing that you need to do. Write a thank you letter.

Is a Nurse Job Offer Thank You Letter Necessary?

Yes, it is. Once you have received the job offer, you should send a thank you, reiterating your interest in the job, and inadvertently, coming across as the right choice for a position after all.

A thank you letter does not necessarily have to be a long document. All you have to do is merely state that you are excited about the prospect of working for the company, and vow to bring benefit to it.

You can also put in a few niceties while remaining within the confines of professional etiquette.

Remember, that a thank you letter will probably be the last time to contact the employer before you join your new position.

As lasting impressions go, a thank you letter is just what the doctor ordered.

Looking for ideas? Refer to the sample below:

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Sample Thank You Letter after Accepting Nursing Job Offer

Jessica Ryan
67 Catherine Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 25874
(000) 745-9073
Jessica.ryan @ email . com

August 19, 2022

Mr. Robert Lang
Human Resource Manager
Care Pavilion
69 Yale Road
Colorado Springs, CO 55250

Dear Mr. Lang:

I am delighted at the prospect of working as a Registered Nurse at Care Pavilion, a facility that I have long held in high esteem. Please accept my sincerest thanks for choosing me for this opportunity. I assure you that I will not disappoint.

Over the last few years, I had been diligently looking for a position in a facility that deems patient care a priority, rather than a business. Since I have now acquired the job that I had so wanted to work at, I can assure you that I will be a credit to your facility. As someone who is dedicated to patient care, and has the capability to work tirelessly to ensure patient comfort and wellbeing, I am confident that you will not regret your decision to hire me.

Shortly before I join, I would like to meet with you once so that you can give me an overview of the facility in general (if it does not defy standard protocol). I am excited about joining ten days from now. Please feel free to call me if you require any further information or documents from me.


Jessica Ryan

(000) 745-9073

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