Nursing Recommendation Letter Template

Updated on: April 7, 2022

Nurses are an integral part of any healthcare setting as they assist both patients and doctors in their respective needs.

Apart from managing care plans and providing direct patient care, nurses are a sign of comfort for patients as they depict hope.

The resignation of a nurse from an establishment is quite a loss as healthcare facilities usually become comfortable with working with routine nurses.

A nurse leaving one organization to join another usually needs a recommendation letter.

The following sample will guide you on how to write a good recommendation letter for a nurse.

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Nurse Recommendation Letter Template

April 7, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

It is a pleasure to recommend Helen Green for the position of Registered Nurse. I have supervised Helen for almost seven years at Sava Senior Care Clinic and found her an extremely dedicated nursing professional. Apart from being an absolute joy to work with, her work is detail-oriented and meticulous as she enjoys taking on challenges.

Helen possesses profound expertise in the nursing arena. She is able to handle a high volume of work, is well-organized, and is fully capable of providing direct patient care for a multitude of diseases.

Over the years that she has worked with us, she demonstrated excellent knowledge and competence in advanced practice nursing and has on a number of occasions collaborated with interdisciplinary teams to ensure smooth working of the facility.

Helen is well equipped to take charge of a big healthcare facility. Her compassionate nature, strong attention to detail, and excellent patient care skills would be very beneficial to your organization. I strongly recommend making Helen a member of your healthcare team at ABC Clinic.


Jacqueline Fernandez
Nursing Supervisor
Sava Senior Care Clinic
Tel: (010) 444-4444

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