Sample Letter for Declining a Job Offer after Accepting

Updated on: April 26, 2020
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Getting a job is difficult enough. Refusing it for whatever reason isn’t the easiest either.

But there are times when circumstances do not let us do what we want to – or what we have aspired to do in the first place. And we have to make the best of the situation.

Turning down a job that you have already accepted is an uncomfortable experience.

If you have not yet signed a contract, you still have a chance to revert your decision.

What circumstances could prevail that could force you to decline a job after having accepted it? 

  1. A change of mind – maybe you feel that you do not want to work for the company or at the position after all.
  2. A sudden decision to move – maybe you have to move to another city following circumstances you cannot control.
  3. A better job offer – another company has made an offer that you just cannot refuse

What to do?

No matter what your reason is if you want to decline a job offer you should:

  1. Do it as soon as possible
  2. Be honest but do not lose tact
  3. Express your gratitude
  4. Be firm in your decision

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Sample Letter for Declining a Job Offer after Accepting

Connie James
47 Jasmine Street
Milton, VT 92652
(000) 999-9994
Connie @ email . com

April 26, 2020

Mr. Glen Mc Duffin
Manager (Human Resources)
90 Rhodeside Avenue
Milton, VT 99002

Dear Mr. Mc Duffin:

I would like to thank you for the time and effort you put into selecting me for a customer relations officer position at Honeywell. It was a great pleasure speaking with you in the interview and learning more about the objectives of your company and how I may contribute to them.

Unfortunately, I have decided to turn down your offer to join. This is due to some unforeseen circumstances that have left me with no choice but to move to Burlington next week.

Working at Honeywell would have been the perfect opportunity as I saw myself fitting in extremely well and contributing to the company’s vision with much success. I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you and anticipate an opportunity to work with you, should a future opportunity arise at the right time.


Connie James