Top 20 Nursing Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated: January 3, 2023
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Nurses work in a variety of settings including hospitals, healthcare facilities, and nursing homes. They provide direct patient care under the supervision of a physician or nurse manager.

Their duties include administering medication, monitoring patient progress, as well as providing emotional support to patients and their families.

The job of a nurse is not an easy one as a lot lies on her shoulders. The responsibility for the well-being of a patient is a huge task to undertake and may require nerves of steel at times.

A nurse will identify a patient’s care requirements by assessing him and is expected to assist with formulating individual care plans. They also attempt to manage emergency situations and handle other aspects of caregiving and patient care.

All nurses eventually focus on specialization and become acute care, oncology, psychiatric, home health, or ER nurses along with many other specialties.

Nurses thrive on accomplishments as they are on the road to achieving something every day due to the nature of their job. They have so much on their plate because every day is a day with different challenges.

The following are some sample accomplishments and achievements of a nurse that can be put on a resume.

These bullet phrases will provide you with a good idea about how to convert your job description into an achievement.

20 Key Accomplishments for Nurse Resume

  1. Supervised multiple groups of nurses both in the ER and Oncology departments between the years 2021 and 2022.
  2. Devised individually placed care plans for patients of the nursing home by keeping in mind individual patients’ needs.
  3. Assisted in closing a case as a lead forensic nurse by deciphering important evidence and providing it in court.
  4. Managed a particularly difficult emergency situation by employing quick action thereby saving an accident victim’s life.
  5. Introduced state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures following acute care management standards.
  6. Saved the life of a child utilizing effective treatment plans within limited resources in collaboration with the physician.
  7. Increased staff motivation level by suggesting bonuses and improved salary plans.
  8. Provided extensive training to 10+ new nurses to help prepare them for leadership positions.
  9. Led graduate nurses in driving patient care initiatives that enhanced patient satisfaction by 50%.
  10. Improved support service and overall quality standards of the facility by 20%.
  11. Evaluated appropriateness of care plan and physician orders.
  12. Established good relationships with patients and families.
  13. Assessed the physical and psychosocial status and the home environment of patients.
  14. Corresponded appropriate information to patients, peers, managers, and physicians, hence decreasing the communication gap by 40%.
  15. Developed and implemented a new patient care plan, increasing patient confidence by 35%.
  16. Developed new nursing standards, which resulted in a better quality of patient care.
  17. Improved support service level by 20% through passion and commitment.
  18. Recognized by ABC organization for providing exemplary leadership in the oncology department.
  19. Developed and implemented novel nursing projects to improve patient care, as well as the functioning of the facility.
  20. Initiated contemporary educational models to influence nursing education.

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