How to Write a Cover Letter to Apply for Pharmacist Job?

Updated on: April 20, 2022

Writing cover letters are an absolute nightmare even for the most seasoned of applicants as one never knows how the reader would perceive an applicant’s skills.

But it is a challenge that needs to be conquered, which is why there are so many sites that will give you a whole lot of advice about cover letter writing – some accurate and some not so much!

Specific rules govern Pharmacist cover letter writing, but you can pretty much write one as you wish. The tone can be professional or lighthearted depending on the type of job you are applying for.

Let us take an example of writing a cover letter for applying for a pharmacist position.

What tone will you make here?

Professional or lighthearted?

Since this position is not counted among the very “serious” positions, it is alright to use either tone. Just remember to use a lighthearted tone only if you have it in you to be able to carry it off.

Let us look at the usual – your address at the top, then the name and address of the person you are writing to, and then the ever so important “Dear Mr. John Doe:” Yes! The salutation!


How you start your cover letter is very important.

You will need to express your interest in the position you are applying for and provide a couple of pharmacy skills that you have. Something akin to the fact that you are a licensed pharmacist, possess advanced knowledge of drugs and their actions, and of course, fill out prescriptions.


The second paragraph of your letter should provide more detail about your skills. You can write that you have experience with managing controlled substances, can administer medication, are knowledgeable about FDA health regulations, and possess information about legal compliance as far as pharmacy practices go.


The closing paragraph is crucial.

You must reiterate your interest in the position and provide another skill that will help you accomplish the job of a pharmacist and tell the would-be employer that you will contact him as a follow-up.

Do not forget to provide a telephone number where a prospective employer can reach you if he is very impressed with your letter!