Caregiver Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

Updated: June 12, 2023

Caregivers work at private homes, nursing homes, and care facilities where they provide direct care services to older adults, children, or people with disabilities.

As one of the noblest professions, a caregiver has much to offer in terms of compassion and care.

Even though caregivers are non-medical professionals, they are supposed to provide their clients with both physical and cognitive assistance. This may include assisting them in walking, toileting, exercising, grooming, and eating.

The following are some examples of achievements and accomplishments that a caregiver can use on his or her resume when applying for a job.

You can pick the ones that best suit your profile and use them as part of your resume.

Sample Accomplishments and Achievements for a Caregiver Resume

  1. Offered exceptional care to elderly and disabled patients to provide them with a happy and comfortable life.
  2. Received commendation from supervisor due to great focus on companionship and homemaking.
  3. Obtained a cash bonus based on 100% 5-star reviews from clients.
  4. Attained 100% ratings for punctuality.
  5. Received many appreciation letters from clients and their families for quality services.
  6. Integrated a fun and interactive activity-based unit in the residents’ activities program engendering better participation.
  7. Maintained a 100% safe driving record while accompanying clients to medical appointments and social activities.
  8. Streamlined the care process of the facility by incorporating timesheets and logs into the reporting system, increasing overall efficiency by 50%.
  9. Provided 10+ patients with the best nutrition and personal care every day.
  10. Actively assisted clients in housekeeping activities such as cleaning and dusting while running grocery shopping errands for them.
  11. Provided emotional support through positive interaction and companionship.
  12. Coached and trained seven teams of newly hired caregivers to deliver service excellence.
  13. Attained the ‘Caregiver of the Year Award’ by continually maintaining excellence in care provided to residents.
  14. Wrote an article on Elderly Care that was published in Better Times.
  15. Reorganized the room setting which increased the mobility level of clients by 30%.
  16. Highly praised by caregiving managers for patience and problem-solving.


The job of a caregiver is challenging yet rewarding. People who opt to work in this position usually do so because they are following a dream of helping others.

This feeling alone can be extremely gratifying for caregivers who wish to do their jobs right.

Providing care to people, who cannot look after themselves, while maintaining their dignity, is an accomplishment in itself.

Most caregivers thrive following their accomplishments in terms of helping people who cannot help themselves.