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Updated on: July 14, 2020
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School offices cannot run without school office managers. As a school office manager, you have to perform lots of managerial and records management tasks.

Hence, when you write a resume to apply for this position, make sure that you offer information to impress. In your resume, highlight your skills in providing complex administrative and secretarial support to the principal and staff.

Also, focus on your experience in overseeing the day to day school activities, including providing information, and coordinating teachers’ work.

Your school office manager resume must focus on your suitability for the job in a number of areas. Make sure that it reflects your experience in dealing with mail, and ensuring that resources are timely circulated.

Take a look at the following resume sample for ideas:

School Office Manager Resume Example

Henry Deaver
446 Terry Lane, Gulf Shores, AL 30082
(00) 197-3187

Resourceful, competent, and organized individual, with a solid background in performing administrative assistance work within an academic capacity. Unmatched ability to undertake public relations roles within the school, and outside. Highly skilled in responsibly handling coordination and liaison between school departments.

• Administrative Support
• Diary Management
• Appointments Handling
• Follow-up
• Department Liaison
• Information Collation
• Teacher Coordination
• Student Records Management
• Meeting Administration
• Staff Appraisals
• Meeting Minutes Handling
• Alumni Coordination

• Implemented a diary management system, hence, increased outreach efficiency by 20%.
• Introduced a unique student records management system, as a result, decreased redundancy by 50%.
• Devised a series of staff appraisal metrics, thereby, decreased appraisal time.


School Office Manager
Nobel Network School, Gulf Shores, AL

• Assist school management in performing daily administrative tasks.
• Implement and execute main office structures as per requirements.
• Create effective school policies, and ensure that they are properly implemented.
• Handle appraisals and performance management tasks.
• Oversee processes for dealing with mail, ensuring items are properly circulated.
• Maintain office systems, ensuring that they are organized properly.
• Organize and store paperwork, documents, and computer-based information.
• Coordinate between departments, such as exams, catering, and facilities.
• Manage payroll processes, and liaise with HR to ensure that proper procedures are followed.
• Oversee and coordinate recruitment processes on behalf of lead teachers
• Handle petty cash by ensuring that it is properly maintained and reconciled.

School Office Assistant
Rocketship Public Schools, Gulf Shores, AL

• Welcomed visitors and parents and provided them with the required information.
• Developed correspondence such as letters and memos.
• Created and maintained students’ records in a confidential manner.
• Followed up with HR and payroll departments to ensure that pays were delivered on time.

Associate’s Degree in Business Administration
Alabama State University, Gulf Shores, AL – 2013

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