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Updated on: July 14, 2020
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If you want to apply for a school office manager position, then you will need to write a near-perfect cover letter to ensure that the hiring manager considers your application.

In the school office manager cover letter, you must highlight your special skills in handling the administrative and clerical ends of a busy school office.

Specifically, your cover letter should include your skills in providing complex administrative and secretarial support to the principal, and staff members.

The ability to oversee the day to day school activities should be highlighted in your cover letter.

In addition, you must focus on your knowledge of creating and maintaining a positive relationship with teachers, students, and administrative staff members.

Before you begin writing your cover letter for school office manager resume, we suggest that you go through the following sample to gain ideas:

Sample Cover Letter for School Office Manager

Marcy Johnson
(000) 218-3314
[email protected]

July 14, 2020

Ms. Claire Boris
Trent Public School
128 Rhode Avenue
High Point, NC 92743

Dear Mr. Boris:

I am highly interested in working as a School Office Manager for Trent Public School. Owing to 7+ years of relevant experience, I deem myself the perfect candidate to be considered for the position.

During the course of these 7 years, I have worked in both private and public-school capacities. My skills in overseeing administrative and secretarial work in an academic capacity are definitely above par.

Specifically, these skills include:

  • Providing information, direction, and recommendations as requested by the principal.
  • Coordinating daily activities of the school office in order to ensure smooth running.
  • Preparing a wide variety of confidential and non-confidential reports, and correspondence for the purpose of documenting activities.
  • Overseeing a wide range of activities such as new teacher assignments, and student welfare.

Considering my qualifications, I am positive that I will be a valuable candidate to work for your school.

In order to further elaborate on my suitability, I will contact your office to arrange a meeting with you. If you need to get in touch with me, please call me at(000) 218-3314.


Marcy Johnson

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