Office Manager Job Description

Updated September 20, 2018


Office managers are considered to be key people in the overall administration of an office. They provide necessary services that are important in ensuring that all operations within an office run smoothly. Often, an office manager is responsible for overseeing administrative staff which may include receptionists, clerks, assistants, and secretaries.

Office managers need to empower junior staff and motivate them to work more efficiently. They liaise between departments within the company and also interact with external agencies. Office managers are expected to maintain effective operations. They do this by delegating some of their responsibilities to the junior staff and taking up supervisory duties to ensure that an office functions smoothly. This is a multifaceted job which requires an individual to be part of many processes within an office such as payroll, correspondence, filing management, and supply requisitions.

If you are interested in working in the position of office manager, you will need to be very organized and possess the ability to multitask efficiently. Before you apply for this position, look at the following list of duties that are part of an office manager’s job description. This job description will be useful when building a resume or preparing an interview.

Office Manager

Office Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Plan and implement office systems to manage office efficiency
• Ensure establishment of standards and procedures
• Hire, train, supervise and monitor office staff
• Prepare time sheets and control correspondence
• Assign tasks to clerical and secretarial staff
• Recruit, train and provide orientation to new hires
• Organize induction programs for new hires
• Evaluate and document staff performance
• Maintain and oversee filing systems
• Manage employee records in the database
• Assist in the management of social media activities
• Organize logistics of meetings and seminars
• Carry out staff appraisals and promote staff development activities
• Respond to customer inquiries and resolve problems and discrepancies
• Schedule and coordinate company events
• Oversee travel arrangements for executives and staff such as booking transport and accommodation
• Ensure that all office supplies are procured on time
• Manage supplies inventory and issue purchase orders
• Balance office budgets and perform light bookkeeping activities
• Review and suggest modifications to the company’s health and safety policies
• Sort and distribute mail on a daily basis
• Ensure that all company announcements are relayed effectively
• Maintain reception area materials and ensure that the reception area is neat and tidy at all times
• Receive and distribute special deliveries such as packages and supplies
• May act as the first point of contact for visitors and guests