Medical Office Manager Job Description and Duties

Updated on: December 9, 2021
Medical Office Manager Job Description

The medical world does not only work because of healthcare professionals.

There are some roles that are less “medical” in nature and more “administrative” which are as important as any other healthcare position.

Medical office managers are responsible for the administrative end of medical practice.

From greeting patients to assisting with some medical procedures, medical office managers do it all!

There are many duties that the position of a medical office manager encompasses. This may include scheduling, handling finances, billing, and office maintenance.

In some settings, he or she may also supervise receptionists and medical assistants in order to make sure that proper work is being carried out.

As an extremely demanding position, the job of a medical office manager is riddled with challenges.

There is just so much to do in a day in order to keep the medical facility running! An added duty of a medical office manager is hiring and training the staff working under him or her.

Some common duties of an individual working at this position include:

Medical Office Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Manage schedules of employees and oversee patients’ appointments
• Take insurance information from patients and make verifications
• Supervise medical assistants, secretaries, and front desk personnel
• Maintain medical records and perform filing duties
• Order medical and office supplies as they run low
• Manage insurance claims submissions in a timely manner
• Train and rotate office staff to ensure cross-coverage
• Oversee daily deposits and financial statements
• Provide patients with billing information in case of invalid insurance
• Assess staff performance and ensure that performances are constantly meeting expectations and standards
• Verify timesheets for medical staff
• Provide patients with appropriate information regarding medical procedures
• Handle medical office accounts by performing light bookkeeping tasks
• Reconcile daily charges and handle any discrepancies immediately
• Educate patients about the medical procedure and assist doctors with carrying our processes
• Ensure a safe environment for employees and patients alike
• Make sure that the office is clean and sanitized at all times
• Hire and train administrative and clerical staff to work in a medical environment
• Manage performance reviews on a predetermined basis
• Make equipment purchases such as x-ray machines and ultrasound apparatuses
• Handle conflicts and patients’ concerns in a diplomatic manner
• Prepare employee payrolls and handle office correspondence
• Produce financial reports and budgets
• Handle medical data entry and processing requests
• Create educational materials for patients and families

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