Dermatology Office Manager Job Description and Duties

Updated on: June 2, 2022
Position Overview

A dermatology office manager is an individual who is hired specifically to provide operational support to a dermatology facility.

An office manager working in this capacity does not necessarily need to possess a background in dermatology, but some knowledge of associated terms and procedures is important.

Typically, a dermatology office manager makes sure that everything is as it should be within the facility.

Technically, it is the work of a dermatology office manager to make sure that all clients are being serviced, every appointment slot is filled, and all equipment and instruments are available.

An office manager working in this role will also need to make sure that patient flow is managed properly and that any irate clients/patients are dealt with according to protocol.

Position Requirements

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually sufficient to work as a dermatology office manager. But if you do have a business associate degree, you might be considered a good choice to hire.

Patience and good communication skills are great virtues for people working as office managers of such a facility.

You will often be bombarded with questions from clients, and will also be expected to make sure that not a hair is out of place as far as office operations are concerned.

Dermatology Office Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Check appointment books each day to ensure that all slots are filled, and adjust emergent clients in available spots.
• Oversee the work of front desk officers to ensure that all activities are being handled properly.
• Create schedules for front desk and medical assistants and ensure that they follow them properly.
• Assist patients by providing them with information on the facility’s services and policies.
• Educate patients by providing them with procedural details and what to expect during and after a dermatology procedure.
• Ascertain that examination rooms are timely prepared by overseeing availability of equipment and instruments, and ensuring proper sanitization.
• Proactively handle patients’ complaints by investigating circumstances that have brought about dissatisfaction.
• Ensure that medical assistants and front desk representatives inform patients about follow-up appointments.
• Maintain office and dermatology supplies inventory and ensure that any low stock instances are communicated to the procurement manager.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of supplies and dermatology equipment and instruments.
• Oversee the calibration and preventative and regular maintenance of all dermatology equipment within the facility.