Receptionists make an important part of any office. They are usually the first point of contact in an office for both visitors and customers and are required to project a positive image of the company that they are representing. Receptionists provide both front desk and administrative support to an office in terms of taking telephone calls, providing information and responding to mail. They also provide the very important service of scheduling appointments updating records which are the basic but very important needs of an office.

Receptionists are basically required to ensure that an office runs smoothly and are instrumental in managing day to day operations in an efficient and timely manner. The job responsibilities of a secretary are actually particular to the industry that they are working in. For instance, a secretary working in a doctor’s office will be expected to schedule appointments for patients. She or he is expected to possess the knowledge of the industry that they are working in so that they can provide customized services in accordance to the company’s policies.

Being a receptionist needs hard work. This can be a great sense of achievement to people who perform it correctly.

Let us look at some examples of accomplishments that a receptionist may write on her resume when applying for a job.

Sample Accomplishments for a Receptionist Resume

• Redesigned the scheduling system for the office thereby ensuring accuracy in appointments

• Reduced company’s front desk expenses by $27000 within one year by identifying cost-effective methods

• Stayed under budget for supplies and equipment in the years 2011 and 2012 – decreased operating cost by 40%

• Participated in a rollercoaster project and added to the success considerably by providing needed clerical support

• Integrated an extremely complex system that took data from existing records to manage an error-free records system for the company

• Reduced call processing time by 3 minutes on average through implementation of a speedy and semi-automated call forwarding mechanism

• Attained 99% customer satisfaction level based on the feedback forms for the year 2014

• Saved the company ‘s expenditure of $10K in terms of replacement cost by fixing a problem in the office photocopy machine

• Ensured 100% availability of stationery supplies in the office by implementing a new inventory management system

• Assisted in recruiting and training 4 receptionists for newly opened branches of the chain

• Fielded 200+ phone calls on daily basis singlehandedly

• Handled heavy emails and postal correspondence with less than 1% error rate for 3 consecutive years

• Updated the manual record files of all clients and then computerized the data by storing the same in an online customers’ database software

• Saved 20% of the annual budget in 2014 by implementing cost effective procedures

• Reduced the running costs of reception desk by 40% through initiation of ingenious cost effective operational protocols

• Filled in for the cashier for 2 consecutive months while also performing my regular JDs and attained a record of running the cash drawer in an error free manner

• Rescheduled an international conference with 200+ delegates in a highly organized and commendable manner that was delayed due to the last moment unavailability of one of the lead speakers

• Secured a productive 5 year contract with an international tour operator that led to a 20% decrease in problems associated with arranging the stay and travel of delegates and speakers for international conferences

• Implemented a swift and fully computerized appointment setting procedure that reduced reservation time by 5 minutes on average