Media Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 20, 2019

Position Overview

The primary job of a media manager is to cover the strategic and operational management duties aimed at the production and implementation of media services for a company.

Media managers perform an array of duties related to the conception, design, and creation of media-related activities to ensure the company’s presence in the market.


It is crucial for media managers to hold degrees in marketing, communications, or journalism if they want to be successful in gaining a position.

Employers hire people who possess a background in mass media and video production as they need to be able to work on these platforms extensively.

Many companies have begun to understand the value that media can provide as far as a company’s image is concerned, and this is why the need for hiring media managers has become quite high.

Media managers develop and implement media strategies to support the company’s organizational goals.


They also evaluate and report the impact of media activities so that effective measures can be undertaken.

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Job Description for Media Manager Resume

• Create, develop and implement media strategies in support of a company’s mission and goals

• Ensure that sufficient market data has been collected by indulging in research activities

• Create and maintain media lists and liaise with media outlets to develop productive relationships with key members

• Coordinate the development, production, and distribution of material for television and web-based programs

• Oversee the development and implementation of campaigns and media sites

• Handle the daily activities of the media team and supervise the work of media officers and volunteers

• Provide intelligent synthesis and interpretation of action plans following proper analysis of performance data

• Ensure that best practices are implemented and followed for implemented strategies

• Develop and implement online media strategies to optimize the company’s presence

• Submit requests for proposals to search engines and develop effective search media plans

• Provide input to the plans charted out by senior management and media agencies with the aim of producing cost-effective and workable media presence solutions

• Handle budgets and timelines for all media programs

• Monitor and analyze critical media metrics and quality

• Establish audit checks to ensure the integrity and efficiency of all media plans

• Manage media tasks and workflow by handling associated administrative work on a daily basis

• Facilitate the company’s integration with creative agencies

• Create and maintain meaningful professional relationships with marketing and public relations teams

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