Social Media Marketing Job Description

Updated on: August 17, 2019

Position Overview

Social media is the way forward now if you want to make sure that your organization or brand is known far and wide.

Social media marketing professionals. managers or specialists are hired specifically to strategize ways in which social media strategies can be created and implemented.


Working as a social media specialist is challenging, since there is so much competition, and you have to make sure that your campaigns remain on top.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered eligible to work as a social media marketing specialist, one must possess a degree in business, with a major in marketing.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are an absolute necessity to possess. In addition, one needs to know how to define KPIs and manage and oversee the company’s social media content.

Also, a social media marketing specialist must be able to use the right tools and resources in order to perform his or her duties.


If working as a social media marketing specialist is what you want to do, we suggest that you keep reading!

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Social Media Marketing Job Description, Duties and Tasks

• Comprehend the company’s social media marketing needs through deep analysis and assessment

• Build and develop social media strategies and ensure that they are efficiently executed

• Perform competitive research, platform determination, and benchmarking tasks

• Generate and publish daily content such as texts, images, and videos to build meaningful connections with community members

• Set up and optimize company pages to increase the visibility of social content

• Measure the success of all social media campaigns, and make modifications in order to ensure further efficacy

• Use social media marketing tools and resources in an appropriate manner

• Research current benchmark trends and audience preferences

• Set objectives for social media team members, and report on returns on investments

• Lead and monitor SEO traffic

• Collaborate with marketing and sales teams to ensure consistent branding

• Oversee social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

• Strategize and suggest new features to develop brand awareness, including promotions and competitions

• Collect and analyze customer data such as interactions and visits

• Increase the brand’s presence on social media platforms

• Research and monitor competitive activities to stay on top

• Train social media marketing teams in order to ensure that they provide the best services

• Oversee provision of customer services, and ensure consistent quality

• Handle escalated complaints, aimed at ensuring quick and appropriate resolution of problems

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