Social Media Strategist Job Description

Updated on: March 28, 2021

With social media now ruling our lives, it is no surprise that many new jobs have opened as far as media is concerned. The role of a social media strategist is one such position that is gaining popularity owing to the influx and demand of social media channels around the world.

Social Media Strategist Job Description

Social media strategists are responsible for creating and implementing social media policies in order to ensure a company’s presence.

They act as advocates of social media integration within the company and are responsible for training members of the social media team to work towards increasing a company’s presence in the industry.

Since every company is now looking into creating advanced existence in their industry using social media as a stepping stone, competition is tough.

This means that social media strategists need to strategize their social media tactics on a level above the competition.

It may not sound easy but for trained individuals, maintaining a company’s existence may be more of a challenge than a problem.

Here is what social media strategists do to ensure their success:

Social Media Strategist Duties & Responsibilities

• Plan, create, and oversee the implementation of social media plans to ensure the efficacy of infusion into corporate cultures.
• Create social media best practices and ensure that the entire team follows these practices.
• Handle social media audits and gather data about existing social media reach.
• Create possible solutions to increase presence by gathering dates such as potential audience size, interaction levels, and present brand visibility.
• Manage link-building efforts by integrating social media strategies with search engine optimizations.
• Coordinate cross-promotional plans and serve as a liaison for social media efforts.
• Assist in driving strategy for social media content and posting.
• Maintain and test business risk assessments and manage daily escalations.
• Handle daily community management such as monitoring, moderating, and managing post writing and publishing activities.
• Provide mentorship to social marketing teams.
• Ensure the efficacy of relationships with key platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
• Coordinate with key players such as digital marketing managers and agency partners to plan and execute social media campaigns.
• Promote social media platforms in a bid to encourage clients to adopt them.
• Evaluate the efficacy of social media tools and recommend the use of these tools for client platforms.
• Research opportunities on social media channels and provide information to management with a view to avail of these opportunities.