Case Manager Summary for Resume

Updated on: January 5, 2019

When you are writing a resume for a case manager position, make sure that it hosts a summary statement.

The summary will highlight what you are capable of doing. Specifically, you should write how well you can determine clients’ requirements.

Typically, resume summaries are short but informative. Actually, they need to possess information about your knowledge of establishing treatment programs by setting schedules.

Also, a case manager resume summary should highlight why you feel that you can handle clients in a better manner than any other person.

As you develop a resume summary for a case manager position, make sure that you focus on how well you can coordinate case assignments and draft service plans. This information will convince the hiring manager to look into your resume more closely.

What follows are some examples of resume summaries for a case manager position:

Case Manager Resume Summary Examples

• Uniquely qualified case manager with 12+ years’ extensive experience in coordinating and providing care that is safe, timely, and effective. Deeply familiar with handling case assignments, and reviewing case progress in a profound manner.

• Top-performing case manager with 10+ years of solid track record in facilitating multiple care aspects, such as case coordination, and information sharing. Known to help patients make informed decisions by providing advocacy regarding clinical status, and treatment options.

• Resourceful, organized, and supportive individual, with demonstrated expertise in managing a wide portfolio of cases. Documented success in establishing and maintaining effective relationships with clients and agencies. Effectively able to assess clients’ needs, and creating strategies in order to help them.

• A determined individual with over 6 years of experience in case management. Highly skilled in providing support and resources for clients. Proficient in researching and referring client resources, such as health and childcare.

• Case manager, boasting 9+ years of experience in evaluating, and studying programs, services, and resources. Adept at assessing clients’ needs, and evaluating and studying programs and resources. Expert in determining correct action courses, such as social workers, and medical doctors.

• Methodical, objective, and compassionate case manager, with a highly developed sense of clients’ needs. Demonstrated expertise in providing cost-effective quality case management services to individuals. Effectively able to conduct the initial evaluation of clients in order to determine rehabilitation plans.

• Highly experienced case manager, with 5 years of experience in developing and implementing comprehensive case management plans. Exceptionally talented in conducting personal interviews in order to determine eligibility.

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