Disability Case Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: June 29, 2017


A resume is a reflection of an applicant’s professional self – it has to be perfect, or at least, as near-perfect as possible.

Since resumes are detailed documents, they need to be exceptionally well-written for a hiring manager to truly show interest in reading something that long.

Here is a sample to help you write or update your Disability Case Manager resume.




Disability Case Manager Resume Example



George Stevenson

1201 Vivian Road | Modesto, CA 95358
(000) 367-8671 | g-steven @email . com


Performance Profile
16+ years’ experience of disability cases management experience involving clients’ goals identification and providing them with assistance in procuring services and enrolling into programs. Deeply familiar with providing client advocacy, with special focus on ensuring that they disability requests are processed in a timely manner.

• Track record of effectively handling multiple cases at the same time, ensuring timely advocacy for all
• First-hand experience in determining clients’ problems related to disabilities, and building effective cases
• Exceptionally well-versed in deciphering the right type of services required in accordance with the type and severity of the disability
• Coordinates case management and planning for assigned clients, ensuring that they are appropriately placed in viable disability programs

Professional Skills

✓ Needs Assessment ✓ Service Liaison
✓ Program Facilitation ✓ Intervention
✓ Claims Review ✓ Return-to-Work Assistance
✓ Health Records Review ✓ Specialized Educational Services
✓ Records Maintenance ✓ Health & Wellness Promotion
✓ Disability Requests Processing ✓ Vocational Programs


Key Highlights
• Successfully placed all assigned clients in specialized disability programs, according to their specific needs
• Implemented a return-to work assistance program that was considered highly successful in helping disabled individuals find suitable work opportunities
• Introduced a dynamic needs assessment program, which proved to be 75% more efficient in determining individual disability handling needs of each assigned client
• Held 10 educational workshops on the health and wellness promotion, especially for people with physical and emotional disabilities


Genex Services, Modesto, CA | 5/2010 – Present
Disability Case Manager
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their emotional challenges and limitations
• Thoroughly go through assigned clients’ histories to determine type and extent of disabilities
• Perform research to determine the type and availability of services required for each client
• Create and maintain effective liaison with service providers to ensure delivery of well-placed services to clients
• Review care provided to clients in order to ensure the consistency of care and services
• Determine eligibility claims for services and review and process disability requests
• Assist clients with limited disabilities in finding jobs that suit their qualifications and physical abilities
• Develop and maintain accurate record-keeping systems, ensuring that all information is kept accurate and confidential

Track Services, Modesto, CA | 2/2005 – 5/2010
Disability Support Assistant
• Assisted case workers in determining clients’ specific emotional and physical disabilities
• Created case dockets, ensuring that all information in them was accurate and updated
• Provided assistance to case workers in reviewing clients’ health and medical records
• Developed correspondence to reach out to service providers, and followed up on pending cases
• Counseled clients to assist them in determining self-worth, and to agree to open up to the idea of obtaining external assistance

California State University, Modesto, CA | 2005
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work