Disability Case Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 29, 2017

Why do hiring managers crib about going through long accounts of applicants’ professional lives? Well, they have to go through a lot of resumes and cover letters while hunting for one disability case manager, and it can get a bit overwhelming at times.

Resumes are a different discussion altogether, but where cover letters are concerned, the need to be spot on is high. Unlike resumes, cover letters are almost always read in detail as hiring managers depend highly on them to determine if an applicant is worth much.

Needless to say, cover letters need to be written in a profound manner if they are to reach a hiring manager on the highest of levels. By profound we mean that the information which you place in a cover letter must be relevant and useful to the hiring manager. If you are talking about the stars, when it is plant life that you should be concentrating on, well, it won’t leave a great taste in the mouth of a hiring manager who is hoping to know more about the former.

Cover letter sample ahead:


Disability Case Manager Cover Letter Sample


June 29, 2017

Mr. Abraham Anderson
Human Resource Manager
Genex Services
30 Sharpless Road
La Habra, CA 12099


Dear Mr. Anderson:

Disability case management is not anything new for me – but since the dynamics of this work change so often, I am always on my toes to stay atop, and have been exceptionally successful in doing this. Working as a disability case manager for over 10 years now, I am well-versed with all the major aspects of this work including needs assessment, client reviews and services procurement.

Hoping to provide Genex Services with my expertise in conducting client interviews to determine their specific placement needs, and exceptional comprehension of the regulation of social security disability services, I offer my professional profile and resume (both enclosed) for your review. Owing to the fact that I am passionate about helping clients obtain services that they deserve, I will be a great contributor to your cause. With my ability to perform well within all aspects of processes inclusive of all levels of appeals, I will be an immediate and direct credit to your organization.

I believe that meeting with me in person will provide you with a wider overview of my qualifications and accomplishments in the role of a disability case manager. I will call you soon to arrange an interview time.

Nancy Parker

(000) 587-8957