Cover Letter for Case Manager with No Experience

Updated on: April 1, 2022

If you are applying for a sensitive and demanding position such as that of a case manager, you will need to pay special attention to the case manager cover letter.

This is especially true in the event of you have no experience in hand.

When you have no experience in hand, you should highlight your ability to establish rapport with your clients and how you can motivate them to achieve their goals.

Case management is difficult, owing to the complexity of human nature.

Since you will be working with clients who may need assistance with drug addiction, stress management, and even psychiatric problems.

Therefore, you will need to be able to tell a prospective employer that you are emotionally stable enough to cope with these issues.

The following cover letter sample for a case manager who has no prior experience will help you write your own.

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Cover Letter for Case Manager with No Experience

Jenna Collins
(000) 854-9565
[email protected]

April 1, 2022

Ms. Gloria Kennedy
Adventist Healthcare
6 Dick Pond Road
Myrtle Beach, SC 77991

Dear Ms. Kennedy:

With my ACM and RN-BC certifications (post attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing), I am applying for a Case Manager position at Adventist Healthcare. Owing to my deep interest in helping people in dealing with the rigors of life, I believe that I will start contributing immediately.

My quest for this work began a long time ago. That is to say, my first voluntary assignment was assisting patients with psychiatric issues at Highmark Health in 2018. Since then, I have developed a “need” to provide support to people who are unable to handle themselves in society. My focus has not only been on the mental well-being of patients; I believe that they need to be looked after in a physical manner as gently as we look after their mental health. Keeping this in mind, I have devised a patient care plan that I would eventually like to share with you.

Through my degree and subsequent certifications, I developed skills in the following areas:

• Human growth and development
• Range of treatment and age-appropriate patient care
• Utilization reviews and levels of care

This expertise, coupled with a broad knowledge base of healthcare delivery within the confines of case management, makes me an excellent contender for this position. I’d like to discuss this in detail. 

Thank you very much for your consideration. Please refer to the attached resume for further details regarding my qualifications.


Jenna Collins