General Labor Cover Letter With No Experience

Updated on: April 29, 2021
How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for General Laborer Position?

Even if you are writing a cover letter for a position for which you have not had any experience, you have to be careful of what you write in it.

Similar to first impressions, cover letters are considered essential parts of the job application process.

Typically, an entry-level cover letter is written in the same manner as that in which a lot of experience can be placed.

However, the tone needs to be different. While you have to exude confidence in both, you have to make sure that you do not go over the top when writing one for an entry level position.

You may be quite knowledgeable about the position and may even have had a stint (internship or apprenticeship) at working in a related environment, but you still need to tone it down. After all, you are applying for an entry level position!

By toning down, we do not mean that you should make your cover letter sound mundane. Never take the spice out of it.

Make sure that your cover letter is a piece of art that the employer will remember for years to come. And that is only possible if you get into the groove of cover letter writing.

Here is a sample cover letter for a general labor position (without experience) that you may be interested in:

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Entry Level General Labor Cover Letter No Experience

April 29, 2021

Alan Harris
Hiring Manager
371 Oakwood Road
Athens, GA 18270

Dear Mr. Harris:

This letter and attached resume is a keen expression of interest in the general laborer position at Masco. My knack for performing physically hard work, coupled with my communication and customer service skills, makes me an ideal candidate.

After graduating from Wilson High School in January this year, I took up an apprenticeship at Site Works, where I learned general labor work in great detail. The benefit of the four months that I spent at Site Works, I would like to provide to Masco.

Please allow me to provide you with details of my qualifications:

  • Adept at clearing and maintaining worksites to prepare them for construction projects
  • Special talent for positioning temporary work zones and safely managing traffic through active work zones
  • Proficient in performing preventative and general maintenance on construction equipment and tools

I have enclosed copies of my references along with my resume with this letter in anticipation of being selected as part of your team. I will be in touch with your office next week to see if a mutually convenient date and time of a meeting can be arranged. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 956-3258.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Barry Evans