Entry Level General Labor Resume No Experience

Updated on: January 13, 2022

An entry level General Labor resume is a lot different than one that is written for experienced positions.

The work that you have to do as an entry-level laborer may not be too complicated, but there is a lot of it.

And this is why you have to make sure that your resume is exceptionally written, and is selected from the lot.

Resumes for laborer positions for which candidates are not experienced have to be written along certain lines.

Remember that the focus here is not the amount of experience that one has, but the number of skills that one possesses.

If your skills are not highly developed, you can bank on your ability to learn new things and work on project modules with a lot of enthusiasm.

It all depends on how you word your resume.

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The following entry-level resume sample for a laborer position will give you a good idea about what to write on your own:

Entry Level General Labor Resume No Experience

Aaron Bale
76 Oakley Road, Terry, MS 18364
(000) 345-1676
[email protected]


Hardworking and dedicated individual with extensive interest in general laborer work at ABC Company. Bringing exceptional talents in perming all kinds of physically dexterous work.

• Ability to follow instructions correctly.
• Competent in using a wide variety of tools such as shovels, picks, rakes, and brooms to handle clearing tasks.
• Able to set up and take down ladders, scaffolding, and other temporary structures.
• Can-do attitude with great attention to details

High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Terry, MS


Building Works Inc., Terry, MS
10/ 2021 – 1/2022 
• Cleaned work sites by removing debris and other hazardous materials.
• Provided assistance to workers by hauling supplies and equipment to work sites.
• Assisted in digging trenches and holes, according to construction plans and instructions.
• Ensured that all tools and equipment were properly put away at the end of the shift.
• Performed cleaning and maintenance duties on construction equipment and tools.

✓ Debris Removal
✓ Supplies Management
✓ Safety Measures
✓ Loading Support
✓ Storage Handling
✓ Regulatory Compliance
✓ Equipment Use
✓ Job Site Maintenance
✓ Assembly Duty

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