Commercial Driver Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 25, 2018

Commercial drivers are responsible for driving and maintaining many types of vehicles such as trucks, vans, buses and freight movers. They are expected to deliver passengers and goods from one place to another while ensuring their safety. Commercial drivers are required to possess a valid commercial driver’s license before they can apply for this position. Knowledge of reading maps and using GPS goes a long way in helping an applicant attain a job as a commercial driver.

Commercial drivers need to be very articulate when they write cover letters. They need to be able to provide information regarding their ability to drive different types of commercial vehicles and assure the employer that they know everything there is to know about both vehicle and merchandise safety.

If you possess a commercial driver’s license and have the driving experience to back it up, the following commercial driver cover letter sample will help you obtain an interview.


Commercial Driver Cover Letter Sample


Neil Young

21 Whistling Duck Drive | Upper Marlboro, MD 67900 | (000) 333-9877 | Email

September 25, 2018

Mr. Alfred Jones
Manager HR
Schuff Steel
2889 Noah Avenue
Upper Marlboro, MD 67000


Dear Mr. Jones:

This letter and enclosed resume is an expression of my keen interest in CDL Driver position currently available at Schuff Steel. I acquired my commercial driver’s license seven years ago and had been working as a commercial driver in different capacities ever since.

The broad spectrum of my career includes driving commercial buses, delivery trucks and concrete mixers. Working in all these areas, I am now anticipating settling down as a delivery truck driver as I feel this is where my true vocation stands.

My time management skills are my greatest asset; I am known for ensuring excellent customer services by making deliveries on time. Owing to the fact that I can read and interpret maps effectively and can also make good use of GPS to determine the best possible routes, I have never had much trouble with roadblocks. My follow-through abilities aid me in adhering to my work schedule effectively.

I am a mechanically savvy individual and can manage most troubleshooting duties on trucks in an efficient manner. Having said this, I ensure that I employ both general and preventative maintenance on the vehicle that I am responsible for on a constant basis to minimize the chances of breakdowns.

I take my work very seriously; this quality alone reflects my professionalism. You will find from the enclosed resume that my knowledge is expansive and my references will vouch for this. I will call your office to ask for a mutually convenient meeting time so that we can discuss this further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Neil Young

Enc. Resume