Farm Laborer Resume Sample

Updated on: December 8, 2022

Farm laborers are generally responsible for handling cattle, cultivating crops, and maintaining the farmhouse premises. It is a job that calls for physical stamina, relevant knowledge, and basic training in the field.

Keep in mind that recruiters get thousands of resumes sometimes against a single job opening.

So they go through the resumes in a very quick manner. Your resume must be impressive enough to grab their attention. Only a well-written farm laborer resume can land you your dream job.

How to Make a Great Resume for Farm Laborer Job?

These three simple tips will guide you in effective resume writing:

  1. Start your resume with a career summary statement.
  2. Customize your resume for each job you apply.
  3. Make your resume employer-focused.
  4. While stating your relevant experience, make sure you place the most recent and the most relevant one on top.

Here is a sample resume for the farm laborer position.

Farm Laborer Resume Example

Paul Jones
67 Evelyn Lane
San Diego CA 25141
(000) 251-2512
paul .jones @

Highly enthusiastic and energetic farm laborer with good physical stamina; offering 3 years of experience in harvest and cultivation of a variety of seasonal crops. Well-versed in the use of pesticides, with in-depth knowledge of optimum growth conditions, soil quality, crop fertilization, irrigation, and livestock handling.

• Well-versed in administering pesticides to crops
• Adept at ensuring optimum irrigation and pruning
• Trained in harvesting and packaging fruits and vegetables
• In-depth knowledge of soil quality and fertilization protocols
• Expert in skid steering operations and maintenance of agricultural farm machinery
• Proven skills in milking and handling farm animals and maintaining their pens


General Farm Laborer
Green Farms, San Diego CA
Apr 2021 – Present
• Increased production of citrus fruit by 50% through the implementation of a unique planting and fertilization technique.
• Operated bobcats and other machinery to handle dirt jobs and prepare the soil for sowing.
• Used electric sowers to plant the crop.
• Looked after the crop and carried out optimum irrigation protocols.
• Charted the growth of crops and helped in decisions regarding fertilization and pesticide administration.
• Harvested the crops and packaged them in bio gradable boxes in a safe and healthy manner.

Farm Laborer
Mulberry Orchid, San Diego CA
May 2019- Mar 2021
• Reduced crop wastage by 100% using suitable and timely pesticide administration and optimum irrigation protocols.
• Milked and handled the farm animals and assisted in their routine medical checkups.
• Gave regular feed to animals and cleaned out the sheds regularly.
• Assisted in sowing, irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting of seasonal crops.
• Used forklift to stock preserved fruits and vegetable boxes in the shed.
• Assisted in counting and weighing the harvest and packaging it for the market.

Class B CDL

High School Diploma
Kennedy High School, San Diego, CA

English & Spanish

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