Asphalt Paving Skills

Updated on: March 9, 2019

There is little chance of an asphalt paver to be hired if he or she isn’t skilled.

And there is no way for a hiring manager to find out that an individual is skilled unless it is mentioned specifically in an asphalt paving cover letter or resume.

When writing either for these documents, it is important to highlight your abilities as an asphalt paver.

In your resume or cover letter, emphasize on how well you know asphalt paving work. Talk about your knowledge of using machines to spread and level asphalt.

Also, highlight how perfectly you can handle asphalt finishing work.

Every ability that you highlight will prove your worth to a hiring manager.

In fact, the skills that you highlight will eventually become the pinnacle of your worth to a new company. And this is why it is important to write your skills as an asphalt paver.

It is important to know that an asphalt paving resume or a cover letter that does not have skills mentioned is useless to a hiring manager.

To see what asphalt paving skills you can write about in your job application documents, have a look at the following:


Asphalt Paving Skills


• Experienced in operating machines in order to spread, smooth, and level concrete or asphalt.

• Skilled in operating road surfacing equipment.

• Effectively able to monitor the distribution of paving materials in order to adjust machine settings.

• Well-versed in controlling traffic by erecting barricades and signs.

• Demonstrated expertise in controlling paving machines to push dump trucks, as well as to maintain the constant flow of asphalt.

• Proficient in starting heating units of machines.

• Adept at regulating machine temperatures.

• Highly skilled in operating paver controls, and navigating the direction of the paver.

• Competent in aligning paving machines properly.

• Qualified to dig, spread, and level construction materials.

• Unmatched ability to assist in the placement and movement of traffic cones.

• Proven ability to operate and maintain tools, such as shovels, and rakes.

• Solid track record of efficiently lighting burners to heat screeds.

• Ability to fill tanks and hoppers with paving materials.

• Expert in performing preventative and regular maintenance on paving machines.

• Able to effectively coordinate materials at work sites.

• Highly experienced in shoveling and removing blacktops.

• Documented success in operating tamper machines or manually rolling surface to compact earth fills.

• Skilled in installing dies and cutters.

• Effectively able to break up the pavement with machines by using hammers.

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