Asphalt Laborer Resume

Updated on: February 26, 2019

Applying for an asphalt laborer position will require you to write a resume. What will go into an Asphalt Laborer resume?

Everything from your knowledge of the work, to your experience in it.

As an asphalt laborer, you must possess some skills and experience that you can highlight in your resume.

It is important to realize that your resume will be a great avenue for a hiring manager to gauge your knowledge of the work.

So, you must highlight your ability to break and shape asphalt, use machinery to melt it and work towards finishing the work in a proper manner.

Here is a sample resume and cover letter for Asphalt Laborer that you can use:

Asphalt Laborer Resume Sample

Henry Logan
199 Atlantic Lane, Taos, NM 98963
(000) 999-9999


Extremely motivated Asphalt Laborer with 7+ years of experience in providing assistance with asphalt spreading and finishing. Highly skilled in preparing surfaces, and operating equipment in order to ensure completion of construction projects.

• Implemented a unique traffic control system, as a result, decreased problems associated with barricades and cones.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, hence, reduced breakdown incidents by 65%.
• Devised a worksite preparation procedure, hence, decreased prep time by 50%.
• Trained 15 other asphalt laborers as part of their induction procedure.


Worksite Preparation Equipment Operations Preventative Maintenance
Traffic Control Source Management Equipment Use
Resurfacing Finishing Compacting
Grade Specifications Manhole Raising Material Handling


Asphalt Laborer
Barrel Construction Company, Taos, NM | 2015 – Present
• Prepare worksites by removing debris and hazardous materials.
• Operate and use ground compactors.
• Level ground, and rake extra dirt to the side.
• Set up fencing, barricades, cones, and signs in order to divert traffic.
• Cut and shape concrete blocks in accordance with provided instructions.
• Melt asphalt in assigned machines, ensuring that gauges are properly set.
• Fill cracks and holes using assigned tools and equipment.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on equipment and tools.
• Prepare manhole covers and insert risers.
• Dig trenches and holes.
• Operate equipment such as pavers, hoes, rollers, and water trucks.

Asphalt Laborer
CRH Construction, Taos, NM | 2011-2015
• Cleared work areas by removing dirt and debris.
• Arranged for tools and equipment to be made available.
• Transported materials and tools from storage areas to worksites.
• Assisted in setting up and using equipment and tools.
• Supported cement mixing and application processes.

Graduated in 2010
St. John’s High School, Taos, NM

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