Asphalt Laborer Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: September 21, 2020

Asphalt Laborer Job Description

An asphalt laborer performs a wide array of duties in a construction capacity. He or she is required to assist the construction crew with their work, by shoveling, raking, wheelbarrow running and dumping.

The role requires an individual to be physically dexterous, as there is a lot of manual labor to be performed.

Working as an asphalt laborer is challenging in many areas, and you have to come out on top at each stage. Here is a list of duties particular to this position:

Asphalt Laborer Job Duties for Resume

• Load and unload construction materials around the site.

• Dig holes according to provided instructions.

• Level asphalt to fine grade specifications by using rakes and shovels.

• Remove rubble, and other debris from work sites.

• Operate equipment in order to spread, smooth, and level asphalt on construction areas.

• Adjust machine settings and gauges to ensure proper material flow.

• Control traffic by setting up cones and barricades.

• Assist construction crew with various duties, such as shoveling and raking.

• Signal construction equipment operators to facilitate alignment and movement of materials.

• Spread and level concrete in assigned areas.

• Evaluate equipment that needs to be used prior to each work process.

• Distribute asphalt materials as instructed.

• Perform hand tamping jobs as appropriate.

• Match and finish freshly made asphalt paving joints.

• Ensure that safety precautions are taken into account at all times.

• Perform preventative as well as regular maintenance on equipment and tools.

• Operate ground compactors and set string markers.

• Prepare manhole covers, openings, and water lines.

• Clean asphalt from side areas, in order to provide a good finish.

• Cutting and shape concrete to size and required dimensions.

• Apply crack fill materials by utilizing crack seal kettles.

• Monitor machine settings in order to ensure proper asphalt temperature.

• Perform traffic controlling and signaling duties.

• Operate and use equipment such as pneumatic hammers, vibrators, and tampers.

Asphalt Laborer Education Requirements

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as an asphalt laborer. However, previous experience can make things easier.

Asphalt Laborer Skills and Abilities Requirement

Knowledge of using the right types of materials, tools, and equipment is important if you want to work as an asphalt laborer. Moreover, you must possess the ability to prepare surfaces, apply fillings, and seal asphalt on assigned areas.

As an asphalt laborer, your ability to perform preventative maintenance on equipment will be checked. Also, you must know how to place, move, and dismantle signs, barricades, cones, and other traffic control devices.

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