Food Bank / Pantry Assistant Job Description and Duties

Updated February 21, 2021
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Food Pantry Bank Assistant Job Description

Food pantries or food banks as they are more commonly known as are usually not-for-profit organizations that provide food to people.

These are small convenience stores that are typical “warehouses” in nature as they usually sell food to agencies that are in direct contact with people.

A food pantry assistant is an individual that helps move things along in a food pantry. He or she provides assistance to managers and coordinators so that they can ensure smooth operations of the pantry.

Some organizations require that food pantry assistants work during holidays and weekends with occasional time off during the week.

Driving people to perform the duties particular to a food pantry and assisting with various administrative functions are all in a day’s work for food pantry assistants.

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Food Bank/Pantry Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist food pantry managers in receiving and packing orders
  • Make sure that received food packets are sorted, stocked, and stored in an appropriate manner
  • Ensure proper refrigeration of frozen items and perform rotation duties as necessary
  • Assist food pantry coordinators in purchasing food items by filling requisitions
  • Confirm that the purchased food is in accordance with the requisition provided
  • Return any orders that may have been delivered in error and handle proper return documentation
  • Assist in interviewing, hiring, and training volunteers to work at the food pantry Create and maintain liaison with community agencies and other organizations in order to orient them with the food pantry’s objectives
  • Collect appropriate data to determine food needs in specific areas
  • Ensure appropriate packaging of food and ensure packed food is delivered to the right agency in a time-efficient manner
  • Ensure maintenance and cleanliness of the food pantry
  • Make sure that all surfaces in the food pantry are sanitized in accordance with the standards of the organization
  • Greet agency representatives and assist them during shopping activities
  • Manage the front desk of the food pantry and provide information to visitors and clients
  • Handle the intake process according to the company’s regulations
Food Pantry Bank Assistant Position Requirements

In order to be able to work as a food pantry assistant, you need to possess a high school diploma and some knowledge of food products and deployment may come in handy.

Food pantry assistants also work closely with volunteers which is why it is important for them to have great interpersonal skills.

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