Bank Customer Service Representative Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 20, 2018

Position Scope and Overview

If you feel satisfied with the way your bank puts you on a pedestal, you have your bank customer service representative to thank.

These people make sure that customers receive an optimal level of service and that any complaints or problems that they might have, are addressed before they become major crises.

Unless you are cashing a check, the first person you will probably meet when you enter your bank is the customer service representative. He or she is trained to welcome clients, provide them with information that they are looking for and to assist them in handling their transactions.

As a bank customer service representative, your job is to keep clients happy and bring more clients on board through effective marketing and sales activities. You need to possess a pleasant personality and be able to handle difficult situations such as client dissatisfaction and complaints. From every ordinary and mundane task to extremely complicated ones, bank customer service representatives need to be able to do them all.

Requirements to work at this position are dependent on the particular bank that you intend to work for, but mostly, a high school diploma or a GED suffices. You need to be a people person and possess exceptional organizational skills if you want to work successfully in this position. Some typical duties that you will be performing include:

Job Description for Bank Customer Service Representative Resume

• Welcome existing and new clients as they enter the bank premises and respond to their requests for information
• Determine clients’ needs by engaging them in conversation and ensure that they are fulfilled completely
• Assist clients in filling out checks and provide them with support in cashing them
• Ascertain that deposit slips are properly filled out by verifying information on it
• Assist new clients in filling out account opening forms
• Provide information regarding services and products that the bank is offering
• Ascertain that all new client information is processed in the database properly
• Inform clients of the status of their accounts and balances
• Create and maintain records of clients in both electronic and paper form
• Assess clients’ financial strength to determine if additional services can be sold
• Process stop payments and accept checks for cashing
• Answer incoming calls to provide information regarding accounts and services
• Process requests for ATM and credit cards and initiate fraud and dispute claims
• Assist clients in understanding online and phone banking services
• Contact clients to notify them of new checkbooks and ATM and credit cards