Food Production Worker Job Description and Duties

Updated on: December 18, 2021

Food production workers work in many settings such as restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, healthcare resident facilities, and hospitals.

They report to a head cook and are expected to carry out many duties associated with preparing meals.

While their general job description remains the same, a food production worker may have to perform some specific functions depending on his place of work.

Food Production Worker Job Description

From receiving and storing food items to preparing food, food production workers are responsible for everything. They assist in unloading raw food items from delivery vehicles and ensure that they are stored appropriately.

Once they have received food items, they are expected to unpack them and place them according to their types; frozen goods are stored in the freezer while canned goods are stored in a pantry or a storeroom.

Once a food production worker ensures that all food processing supplies are available, s/he is expected to prepare food in accordance with the organization’s protocols.

In a hospital, for instance, a food production worker prepares food in keeping with the nutritional needs of the patients.

Food Production Qualifications

There are no minimum educational requirements to work as a food production worker, but it helps if you have a high school diploma or an equivalent.

If you are interested in acquiring a position as a food production worker, the following job duties will help you understand the demands of this position.

Food Production Worker Duties and Responsibilities

• Receive food items and ensure appropriate storage
• Operate food processing equipment
• Ensure that all raw food items received are of good quality and a proper quantity
• Sort food items according to their type
• Ensure that the same type of food items are stored together
• Unpack cans and cartons
• Count and record food items
• Make sure that frozen food items are stored and rotated properly
• Prepare poultry for cooking and processing
• Operate machinery for managing chemical treating activities such as crushing and mixing
• Blend flour and make flatbread
• Participate in packaging and assembling food items
• Prepare processed food in accordance with recipes
• Ensure that food products are processed and prepared by following standards of cleanliness and hygiene
• Perform preventative and general maintenance on food production equipment
• Clean counters and floors to ensure a safe working environment
• Perform duties on the packaging line by loading and adjusting items
• Label packaged food items appropriately
• Price packaged and processed items according to standard protocols
• Monitor quality and quantity of food items