Kitchen Crew Resume Sample

Updated on: March 8, 2022

The kitchen crew in any foodservice establishment serves the same purpose – preparation and delivery of food.

Resumes written for positions of this nature need to hold specific information regarding knowledge of cooking, preparing, and presenting food according to instructions.

While anyone with a little culinary sense can work as part of a kitchen crew, employers prefer that the staff they hire has some information about the way this system is handled.

If you can put some experience of this sort on your resume, you are sure to be hired.

People who are part of a kitchen crew may be expected to perform one dedicated task or a number of them in order to ensure the smooth running of a kitchen.

You may work as a line cook, a sous chef, or a helper depending on your job placement. Or you may be doing all of this together.

Below is a resume sample for this position that you find handy when applying for a job as part of a kitchen crew in a restaurant.

Kitchen Crew Resume Example

Sasha Hughes
468 Broken Arrow Lane
Summit, MS 67309
(000) 999-0209

• Highly motivated Kitchen Crew with 8+ years’ progressive experience in diverse hospitality settings.
• Successful track record of working at the back-end in the foodservice industry.
• Hands-on experience in preparing and presenting quality food items in accordance with set menus and recipes.
• Known for perfectly following safety, hygiene and sanitation practices as per protocols.
• Competent in choosing and using the best quality ingredients and equipment to cook and prepare food items.

• Focused on providing the epitome of food and service quality
• High personal appearance standards
• Excellent time management skills
• Ability to read, comprehend and carry out written instructions
• Strong knowledge of using food preparation equipment in a safe manner
• Good understanding of portion control and presentation


Culvers, Summit, MS                                                        
Mar 2006 – Present
Kitchen Crew
• Prepare basic food following set recipes.
• Reconstitute prepared food items.
• Set up the kitchen for food preparation activities.
• Stock vendor machines as directed.
• Prepare meat and vegetables for cooking as instructed.
• Clean and maintain kitchen equipment and utensils.
• Clean counters and wash dishes when required.
• Manage food inventory and stocking.
• Fill in for servers or kitchen crew when needed.
• Worked a tireless 15-hour shift during the Christmas holidays in 2021 following the leave of most kitchen staff.
• Awarded a premature bonus following provision of excellent kitchen support services

Shelton Hotel – Summit, MS                                               
Jan 2005 – Mar 2006
• Delivered customers’ orders to the kitchen.
• Ensured delivery of the order to the customers in a time-efficient manner.
• Ensured quality and the portion of the order before delivery to customers.
• Cleaned tables and cleared dishes and flatware.
• Cleaned kitchen counters and washed dishes when instructed.
• Managed three simultaneous dinner events at the restaurant without making errors.
• Awarded Employee of the Month three times following provision of excellent customer services to restaurant patrons.

High School Diploma
City High School, Summit, MS – 2005