Clothing Presser Job Description

Updated on: December 1, 2018

A clothing presser’s role comes under the broader category of laundry workers.

People working at this position are required to perform the last part of laundry work – ironing or pressing clothes.

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a clothing presser. However, if you have any previous experience, your candidature will be given high consideration.

While working as a clothing presser, you will be expected to perform duties such as inspecting clothing pieces in order to determine pressing heat requirements.

Also, it will be your duty to press dry cleaned or laundered clothes in a safe manner.

Moreover, your work will involve operating pressing machines and standard irons. Maintenance of machines will be part of your work as well. And using steam irons may also be part of your work.

As a clothes presser, it will be your job to check for imperfections in laundering or dry cleaning. And providing feedback to the laundering or dry cleaning department.

Here is a list of duties particular to the position of a clothing presser:


Clothing Presser Job Description

• Check garments and linen in order to see any problems with laundering.

• Provide feedback regarding problems to the supervisor.

• Straighten clothes that need to be pressed.

• Figure out what heat clothes should be pressed on, depending on the cloth.

• Check labels to determine any special instructions.

• Set up and calibrate pressing machines.

• Feed clothes into machines and set dials and gauges.

• Follow instructions on hand-ironing clothes.

• Fold as well as pack pressed clothes into re-sealable bags.

• Hang clothes on hangers and tag them according to provided instructions.

• Interact with customers in order to determine pick-up orders.

• Search for orders according to receipt numbers and hand them over to customers.

• Receive clothes to be pressed such as dresses, coats, and linen.

• Issue receipts against clothes to customers.

• Clean and maintain pressing machines and hot and steam irons on a regular basis.

• Apply finishing touches to clothes pressed in machines, by using hand or steam irons.

• Smooth out clothes by spraying water on them.

• Apply materials like starch and softeners before ironing some clothes.

• Adjust the temperature of irons and ironing machines.

• Oversee inventory of supplies such as spray bottles, starch powder, and fabric softeners.

• Assist in performing the pre and post treatment of stains on clothes and linen.

• Ensure cleanliness and maintenance of work areas, such as ironing boards.

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