Clothing Sales Associate Job Description Sample

Updated on: May 11, 2022

If you are an employer, seeking to build a competent sales team for a clothing store, an attractive, engaging, targeted job description is what you need to give in the vacancy advertisement.

Attracting the right candidates inevitably leads to having a talented sales team.

While advertising for any position, the employers must make sure the job description they include in the job ad is comprehensive, exhaustible, and clearly written.

Below are some guidelines in this regard:

  1. Add the list of duties in your job description in order of priority. The most important ones come first, followed by the less important ones.
  2. Make your tone friendly and welcoming so that candidates are encouraged to apply.
  3. Use very simple and clear language in order to effectively communicate the exact skill set you are seeking in the ideal candidate.
  4. If there are any minimum requirements, mention those first so as to only attract relevantly qualified individuals and avoid stacks of irrelevant resumes.

Below is a sample clothing sales associate job description. These statements can also be utilized to make a resume for a clothing sales associate position.

Clothing Sales Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet and welcome the customers and assist them in making a product choice.
• Maintain an updated knowledge pool regarding various clothing articles’ features, styles, fabric type, and pricing.
• Display the dresses in a visually appealing manner.
• Upsell various clothing items by making intelligent suggestions to the clients.
• Process orders, collect payments, and issue receipts.
• Open and close the store as per the outlet’s protocols and balance the cash drawer daily.
• Ensure all items are displayed properly with price tags attached.
• Order more supplies of the items that have been sold.
• Keep the sales and purchase inventory updated.
• Address customers’ complaints and process replacement or refund requests in case the customer is not satisfied with the apparel bought.
• Stay up to date with the latest trends related to clothing in the fashion industry.
• Assess customer preferences and offer informed recommendations.
• Forward any customer complaints regarding the quality of apparel purchased to the management.
• Pack the items purchased and verbally guide the customers regarding washing and ironing protocols of the product.
• Assist the customers in making color and style choices.
• Calculate applicable discounts and issue discount vouchers and loyalty cards to regular customers
• Replenish stock on shelves on a daily basis.
• Keep the back room, apparel storage area, and cash counter area in a neat and orderly condition.
• In case a product is sold out or out of stock, direct the customers to the e-store or the nearest geographical outlet of the store.
• Keep the floor in neat and clean condition.
• Demonstrate professional work etiquette.