Laundry Worker Resume Example

Updated on: November 4, 2019

A resume for a laundry worker position is the key component of job application set.

As a matter of fact, a Laundry Worker resume reflect a person’s skills and experiences. 


To know exactly about the current standards of resume writing, you have to see different examples before writing. That will help you make a professional resume.

A sample resume for a laundry worker position if given below for your reference:

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Laundry Worker Resume Example



Ricky Martin
46 Coolpax Road, Noonan, ND 28374
(000) 254-8521
martin @ email . com


Dynamic individual who utilizes available resources, leadership skills and teamwork abilities to ensure exceptional laundry services to guests. Effective communicator with the ability to handle institutional laundry methods and operate associated equipment.

• 6+ years’ experience in operating washing industrial sized washing machines and steam cabinets.
• Proficient in performing sewing and mending duties, including simple alterations and constructing aprons, curtains, tablecloths and coveralls.
• Adept at determining the correct wash formulas and machine cycles for different types of cloths.
• Well-versed in mixing and using laundry chemicals and using them effectively and safely.

– Laundry marking
– Dry cleaning
– Washing machine regulation
– Chemical cleaning
– Machine cycle selection
– Equipment maintenance
– Steam ironing
– Inventory and storage
– Record-keeping
– Communication
– Guest services
– Fabric treatment

• Laundered 500 linen pieces in 1 day, following a “high” day the hotel.
• Introduced an industrial sized washing machine which increased washing capacity by 69%.
• Implemented a barcode system for easy identification and tracking of guests’ laundry.
• Worked as a part of team of laundry workers that sewed hotel monograms on 855 uniforms for hotel workers.


Laundry Worker
The Central Hotel, Noonan, ND | 6/2016-Present

• Collect laundry from guests and hotel workers and mark them for separation purposes
• Move them to the laundry area and separate colors from whites
• Follow guests’ instructions on dry cleaning clothes and clothes that have colors that run
• Set washing machine cycles for each laundry pool and place clothes in them
• Set and monitor timers on dry cleaning machines
• Check each washed and dry-cleaned piece of cloth to ensure that it has been cleaned properly
• Mix detergents and chemicals in correct and safe amounts prior to pouring them into washing machines
• Remove washed and dried clothes from machines, iron and fold them in neat piles
• Ascertain that each pile of clothes is in sync with its tracking mark
• Pack clothes neatly in plastic bags and arrange to have them delivered to guests’ rooms
• Mend guests’ clothes and workers’ uniforms
• Keep record of washing supplies and order supplies low in quantity

Laundry Helper
Tennyson Resorts, Noonan, ND | 1/2012-6/2010

• Sorted soiled laundry items into piles so that they can be washed
• Arranged for proper machine cycles, in accordance to type of clothes
• Mixed and poured detergents, bleach and fabric softeners into washing machines
• Separated items to be dry cleaned and loaded them into dry cleaning machines
• Assisted in ironing and folding clean laundry
• Delivered clean laundry to guests’ rooms

High School Diploma
CITY SCHOOL, Noonan, ND, 2009