Dry Cleaner Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 1, 2018

A dry cleaner works in different places such as residential facilities, hotels, and hospitals.

The main work of a dry cleaner is to operate and run dry cleaning machines.

Dry Cleaner Qualifications

Eligibility criteria to work as a dry cleaner is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

However, previous experience counts for a lot. While working as a dry cleaner, you need to focus on quality service provision. Sorting clothes in order to ensure that they are handled correctly is a virtue.

Also, dry cleaners need to be an expert in operating and maintaining dry cleaning equipment and machines. Sometimes, dry cleaners may be asked to perform other laundry services, such as washing, drying, and ironing.

Even though the work of a dry cleaner seems simple, it can be complicated. Ensuring that clothes are not damaged during the dry cleaning process is essential, which is why diligence is required.

Some duties of a dry cleaner are provided in the list below:

Dry Cleaner Job Description for Resume

• Receive items from customers, and ensure that they are properly tagged.
• Check clothes hauls in order to separate colors from whites.
• Inspect clothes for spots to determine how to go about cleaning them.
• Pile up clothes in order of how they will be loaded into dry cleaning machines.
• Set up and calibrate dry cleaning machines.
• Place clothes into dry cleaning machines according to the procedure.
• Set valves and gauges in order to ensure proper heat.
• Med and sew items as instructed by customers or supervisors
• Change or restore colors, by using understanding of textile compositions.
• Load agents such as cleaners, disinfectants, and spot removers into machines.
• Check cleaning processes to ensure that no issues arise.
• Unload dry cleaned clothes from machines.
• Check each item to ensure that spots have been removed.
• Perform ironing activities as and when needed.
• Fold or hang dry-cleaned clothes according to specifications.
• Label or tag finished items.
• Place item in appropriate racks for delivery purposes.
• Perform preventative as well as regular maintenance on dry cleaning machines.
• Operate extractors and dryers according to instructions.
• Apply water or solutions to fabrics in order to remove stains.
• Clean dry cleaning machine filters and lubricate parts for optimal functioning.
• Perform washing and drying tasks as and when instructed by the supervisor.
• Set up and operate garment treatment equipment.
• Clean and maintain dry cleaning and washing machines.
• Tidy up work areas.

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