Facilitator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 24, 2018

A facilitator, or rather, a program facilitator is an individual who works under the supervision of a program manager to provide assistance in identifying priorities and developing and maintaining activities under the bigger umbrella of the assigned program. It is a job of great responsibility since one has to possess in-depth knowledge of the program that one is required to facilitate before the facilitation process can be implemented.

Typically, a degree in business or a similar discipline is required to work as a program facilitator. Some previous experience in this regard will go a long way in helping you find a job. There are certain things that you need to look out for when working as a program facilitator, such as the skills and expertise required to work well in this position.

If you possess exceptional administrative and organizational skills and have the ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time, you can easily manage this work, provided that you have some knowledge of the program that you will be working within. Other requirements to work as a program facilitator include excellent interpersonal skills, comfort, and effectiveness in dealing with conflict, good judgment, and the ability to deal with pressure and stress of deadlines.

If you are a qualified individual and want to work as a program facilitator, you might be interested in the following list of duties that are particular to this position:

Facilitator Duties & Responsibilities

• Identify goals, and support service users in order to facilitate planning and program development processes.
• Organize participants and materials for each program module, and ensure that all attendees understand their roles.
• Ensure that all materials and resources are made available at the time of the execution of the program.
• Document attendance and participation, and provide social skills instructions to attendees.
• Engage participants by educating them about the key aspects of the program, according to specified instructions.
• Review and develop program content, and tweak it according to the specific needs of each individual.
• Liaise with key contacts, ensuring that all logistics are maintained in an accurate and proper fashion.
• Facilitate the planning, coordination, and onsite execution of program projects, initiatives, and activities.
• Perform community services endeavors, and procure guest speakers and experts for each program module.
• Assist in the preparation and maintenance of project support plans, and document client progress notes.
• Provide support and direction to program officers, and volunteers, aimed at assisting them in carrying out the logistics of each project module.