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Exterminator Job Description for Resume

Working as an exterminator may not be as much fun as Jesse from Full House makes it seem, but it is a great career for people who are experts at handling pest control activities. So even if Jesse has inspired you to take up this line of career, you will need a little more to… Read More »

TV Script Writer Job Description

Position Overview Writing scripts for television is one of the most exciting jobs ever. Imagine writing something that famous actors will perform on! How awesome! But it is also a lot of hard work. TV script writers are called upon to assist directors and producers in laying the grounds for a series or a show,… Read More »

Furniture Carpenter Duties and Responsibilities

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone who can make a piece of furniture, exactly the way you want it? A furniture carpenter can do that. A furniture carpenter may work with an organization that deals in furniture making – especially made to order projects – or in an independent capacity. The main work of… Read More »

Aquarist Job Description for Resume

Position Overview If you have an inherent love for marine life, picking up a career as an aquarist may be just what the doctor ordered. Aquarists work in facilities such as aquariums, and theme parks, where their primary duty is to make sure that marine life, especially fish, is well taken care of. The work… Read More »

Stage Performer Job Description for Resume

Overview A stage performer is an individual who acts and/or dances on the stage, promoting a certain performing art or an amalgamation of many. Stage performers come under the broader category of actors and entertainers, although most of them do not perform for films. Requirements To work as a stage performer, you do not need… Read More »

Landscape Foreman Job Description

Landscape foremen work in supervisory roles, where their primary duty is to make sure that all the labor is working correctly, and that any arising issues are appropriately handled. Working as a landscape foreman is not an easy job, as there is so much that one has to do to make sure that the clients… Read More »

Field Inspector Job Description

A field inspector is hired by banks, loan companies, and insurance organizations, with the primary aim of determining the condition of a specific piece of land, so that the organization can decide if a loan or insurance policy can be given out. These individuals spend little time behind the desk, and more out in the… Read More »

Golf Course Superintendent Job Description

Position Overview A golf course superintendent has a lot of responsibility on his or her shoulders. The work is intense, and all of it has to be done in manner no less than perfect. What exactly is it that a golf course superintendent does? It is his or her responsibility to make sure that the… Read More »

Longshoreman Duties and Responsibilities

Position Overview A longshoreman is an important part of a logistics organization, or while working as part of the crew at a port. The basic work of a person at this position is to make sure that cargo shipments are properly handled – both incoming and outgoing. There is a lot of physical work involved,… Read More »