Lead Janitor Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated on: April 16, 2023

A lead janitor or a lead custodian is an individual who heads a team of cleaning staff members.

He or she is responsible for ensuring that all team members work according to specified cleaning schedules and that the issues are handled before they become crises.

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a lead janitor. However, previous experience in a janitorial role is necessary. One cannot expect to become a leader if one does not have knowledge about how the work is done.

Working as a lead janitor is a lot of hard work. One has to be hands-on in creating schedules for each janitor, cleaning, and ensuring that they work in a proper manner, by supervising them.

Also, a lead janitor must possess excellent leadership skills if he or she wants to be able to work properly. Although the work of a lead janitor is supervisory in the role, he or she does perform some janitorial functions too. 

A resume for a lead janitor position has to focus on the person’s ability to handle a team of janitors and oversee their work. Your experience in this regard will count for a lot in addition to your skills and accomplishments.

Here is a sample lead janitor resume that you can use:

Lead Janitor Resume Sample

Mike Jordan
Gulf Shores, AL
(000) 354-3243
[email protected]


Highly capable lead janitor with 8+ years of experience in overseeing janitorial staff, and performing custodial services. Demonstrated expertise in scheduling staff members and monitoring work processes. Effectively able to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of assigned areas, in accordance with set standards and protocols.


  • Staff Scheduling
  • Hiring and Training
  • Facilities Repair
  • Inspection
  • Supplies Management
  • Inventory Oversight
  • Sanitization
  • Operational Management
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Trash Management Oversight
  • Snow Removal
  • Spot Inspections


  • Trained 80 custodians to handle custodial and janitorial work, during their induction period.
  • Introduced a trash removal system that decreased contamination chances by 80%.
  • Devised a staff scheduling program to improve follow-up, and oversight.


Lead Janitor
Olympus Building Services, Gulf Shores, AL
2014 – Present

  • Create schedules for all staff members, and ensure that they work in accordance with the schedule.
  • Interview, hire, and train staff members according to the specifics provided.
  • Assign duties such as sweeping, and mopping to staff members, according to their specific abilities.
  • Monitor staff members in order to ensure that they are working properly.
  • Issued supplies and tools such as cleaning agents and mops.
  • Count all issued supplies and log them properly.
  • Perform spot inspections to determine additional cleaning and maintenance requirements.
  • Ensure that cleaning and sanitizing mixtures are handled in a safe manner.
  • Oversee the safe removal and disposal of trash.
  • Create logs of all cleaning, maintenance, and sanitization activities performed on a daily basis.

The Millard Group, Gulf Shores, AL

  • Cleaned surfaces using brooms and mops.
  • Ensured that bathrooms were adequately washed and sanitized.
  • Replenished bathroom supplies, such as soap, towels, and toilet paper.
  • Performed maintenance work, including cleaning filters, and changing bulbs.
  • Vacuumed and shampooed rugs, carpets, and curtains.

High School Diploma
St. Abby’s High School, Gulf Shores, AL 

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Lead Janitor Duties for Resume

  • Create and implement schedules for each member of the janitorial team.
  • Provide janitors with information on how to handle the cleaning and sanitizing tasks.
  • Interview, hire, and train new janitors, and assist them in performing their work.
  • Provide janitor teams with instructions on performing complicated cleaning and maintenance tasks.
  • Oversee the inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Check supplies in order to determine low-stock situations.
  • Inform the requisition manager about the required supplies, tools, and equipment.
  • Oversee the work of each staff member in order to ensure that he or she works according to standards.
  • Perform janitorial tasks, such as cleaning, sweeping, and mopping.
  • Monitor difficult cleaning tasks, for instance, sanitizing floors and counters.
  • Ensure that all completed cleaning and maintenance tasks are properly logged into the system.
  • Clean assigned facilities such as rooms, offices, and bathrooms.
  • Monitor the mixing of cleaning agents, in order to ensure safety.
  • Deliver or issue various cleaning items and equipment such as sanitizers, mops, and buckets to cleaning personnel.
  • Inspect facilities in order to ensure that they are in a clean and maintained state.
  • Determine problematic areas, and assign janitors to ensure that they are handled according to protocol.
  • Create and maintain lists of required and used equipment and supplies.
  • Log all janitorial activities and ensure that any repair requirements are communicated to the facilities manager.

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