School Janitor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 29, 2023

Hiring managers give a lot of importance to cover letters. A cover letter that says all there is to about you as a candidate will pique a hiring manager’s interest.

One which also says how profoundly you can contribute to an organization will pique it even more. While writing a cover letter is no easy job, it is something that has to be done, to inform the hiring manager that you exist on the planet, and are willing to do his or her bidding, professionally.

Cover letter writing is not what it used to be. So much is now required from the cover letter content, which was not so important just 5 years ago.

You have to show information about your achievements, skills, and competencies. And it is best that you leave your experience out. Making sure that your cover letter complements your resume is important.

Here is how you can write a school janitor cover letter of your own:

Sample Cover Letter for School Janitor Resume

June 23, 2023

Mr. Zach O’Brian
Human Resource Manager
Simone Public Schools
192 Tack Road
Billings, MT 78900

Dear Mr. O’Brian:

I am writing to apply for a school janitor position at Simone Public Schools. The combination of my strong cleaning and housekeeping background, relevant janitorial experience, and interest in school cleaning and maintenance will help me make a positive contribution as a School Janitor at Simone Public Schools.

As a school janitor, there is no one more skilled than I am to do the job. And I say this with so much confidence because of the fact that I have many accomplishments to my name, where keeping a clean and sanitized school is concerned. 

Over 6 years of work in this capacity has prepared me exceptionally well to work perform exceptional cleaning, maintenance, and repairing tasks. I am well-versed in performing cleaning and maintenance activities by using mops and brooms efficiently. Furthermore, you will find me to be exceptionally diligent in disposing of trash safely and efficiently, aiming to keep hazards away from students.

I am confident that I will be a great addition to the team of janitors at Simone Public Schools, to highlight which, I would like to meet with you soon.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Brooke Cameron
(000) 524-9695