Fitness Instructor Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: May 23, 2019

A fitness instructor who has had no previous experience in the work can still gain a good position, provided that he or she has had the training for it.

But training or not, your cover letter to apply for the job has to be well written.


It is pertinent to mention that a hiring manager will only hire you if he or she sees that you know the work, and possess the right skills set for it.

When embarking on the cover letter writing journey, make sure that you possess information about what the hiring manager wants in a fitness instructor.

Read the job description carefully. Find out what it is that can make up for your lack of experience at this time.

In the good news, the experience is not something that you must bank on when writing a cover letter anyway.


Focus on skills, even if they are inherent, and have not been derived due to previous employment.

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Here is a cover letter sample for a fitness instructor with no experience in hand:


Fitness Instructor Cover Letter No Experience


May 23, 2019

Mr. Freddy Sellick
Human Resources Manager
Fitness Pro Studio
199 98th Avenue
Dothan, AL 38748


Dear Mr. Sellick:

I would like to work as a fitness instructor at Fitness Pro Studio. Owing to a recent fitness training, and certification, I am sure that I will be an excellent fit. Please refer to my resume and enclosed documents for further information on my suitability for the job.

Having aspired to work as a fitness instructor for a very long time, I have been perusing this dream for the last 4 years. I am now qualified to assist clients in determining their specific fitness goals, and ensuring that they meet their goals in as little time as possible. Specifically, my skills lie in weight training, where I focus on my clients’ problem areas, and help them meet their weight loss and muscle building targets in the least possible time. Last summer, I volunteered my services to teach Zumba to a batch of students at a local fitness club, the outcome of which was extremely positive.

Since I have made fitness a way of life, I can work exceptionally well towards my goals for clients and their own. I am confident that meeting with me in person will provide you with many solid reasons why I should be hired as a fitness instructor at your studio.

At the end of next week, I will drop to your office in order to see if a meeting can be conducted. If you need to reach me in the interim, please feel free to do so on (000) 585-3964.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Madison Cole

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