15 Good Reasons for Interest in a Job

Updated on: April 13, 2022

Some of the most seemingly simple interview questions are not so simple after all. You would have been asked during every interview that you have appeared for about why particular job interests you.

You may have provided answers which you thought were appropriate to the situation.

But, has it ever occurred to you that the answer that you provided may not be the one a prospective employer was looking for?

Providing a reason for your interest in a job should not be done from your point of view only; you need to satisfy the interviewer as well, so you must think like him too.

What you may consider a good reason may not be so in the eyes of an employer.

One of the worst answers that you can provide when asked to give a reason for your interest in a job is ‘’I want to earn more.”

This depicts selfishness and non-seriousness on the candidate’s part, and while it may be the truth, it will not sit very well with an employer.

An employer may be a great paymaster, but he would still not want to hear that your prime interest in a job is money – wording it differently, however, will get your point across without it sounding too crass.

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Let us look at the list below which charts out good reasons for an individual’s interest in a job:

Good Reasons for Interest in a Job

1. Higher chances of personal and professional growth.

2. A desire to take up new challenges and use acquired experience to contribute to a company’s success.

3. Opportunity to serve a good cause (used for work in NGOs or other organizations whose aim is community service.)

4. A subsequent job being tailored to a candidate’s qualifications and skills.

5. A desire to take up work as it offers a sense of purpose.

6. Opportunity to work with a multinational or training and learning opportunities.

7. Considerations of work-life balance.

8. Prospect of working in a multicultural environment or overseas.

9. A sense of belonging derived from working for a globally placed organization.

10. Room for monetary growth.

11. The reputation of the organization and a strong will to be associated with it.

12. Opportunity to work in a position that makes provision for leadership skills and a progressive approach to working.

13. Excellent knowledge and expertise in job duties outlined in the job description.

14. Dream to work in a corporate/ educational/social sector.

15. A desire to work for a professional, fast-paced, and goal-oriented company.

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