List of 21 Reasons for Leaving a Job

Updated on: April 13, 2022

One of the most challenging questions to answer during an interview is the dreaded, “why did you leave your last job?”

Most of us find ourselves in difficulty when attempting to answer this question as our answer can have dire consequences and can affect a potential employer’s decision to hire.

It is a tricky question to answer – you do not know how an employer will react, so you have to be prepared for all eventualities.

However, if you think logically, you can isolate the “not so appropriate” answers from the appropriate ones so that you can concentrate on the latter.

It is essential to be honest when providing a reason for leaving the previous job, but you also need to be tactful.

For instance, if you have been laid off, you need to present it in a manner that indicates that you were asked to leave not through any fault of yours.

Things have changed dramatically over the years as far as job-hopping is concerned.

Employers are more tolerant of people who change jobs often as they understand that saturation is a significant issue. You still need to provide prospective employers with real reasons.

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Here is a list of some ideas that you may provide:

List of Reasons for Leaving a Job

1. Looking for career growth and new challenges that the previous job does not offer.

2. Pursuing education or looking for an evening position to study during the daytime.

3. Workplace distance: difficulty to travel to a location far from home.

4. Feeling saturated in a previous job.

5. Relocating to a different state or another part of the country.

6. Company restructuring or downsizing issues.

7. Need for a flexible work schedule.

8. Good work opportunity at a new company – aligns with career interests.

9. Desire a full-time or a part-time position as opposed to the current one.

10. The previous job ended due to a company shifting or bankruptcy.

11. Merger or takeover of the former company resulting in job description being affected.

12. Seeking a more responsible role.

13. Career break due to marriage and raising of children.

14. Pregnancy or illness that may be affected by work.

15. A desire to travel or take time off due to too much work pressure.

16. Looking for a higher-paying job and better benefits.

17. End of a contract or seasonal work.

18. Contemplating a career or industry change.

19. Not enough work or work hours to meet earning requirements.

20. Accident on the job or disability issues.

21. A desire to be a stay-at-home parent or inability to arrange for a babysitter.

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