Why Would You be a Good Fit for this Position? 20 Best Answers

Updated on: October 16, 2020
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The famous interview questions “Why would you be a good fit for this position?” OR “Why should we hire you?” is perhaps is one of the trickiest questions to answer.

The reason is simple. What can you possibly say that will make you come across as someone that the employer cannot refuse? Here are a few answers that you may want to look into:

Why would you be a Good Match for this Position (20 Best Answers)


1. My personable character and the ability to communicate well with people from diverse backgrounds is one of the main reasons for me to be a good fit for this position. As someone who has exceptional organization and teamwork abilities, I am sure that I qualify well for this position.

2. As someone who began her career at the very bottom of the career pyramid, I polished my skills quite a lot professionally. Owing to my expertise in all career levels, I believe that I will be an excellent addition to your organization.

3. Ever since I completed my internship in your organization, I have felt that I belong here. Because I know the system inside out and will need minimal training resources, I believe that you should consider hiring me.

4. Owing to the fact that I have a solid track record of a progressively responsible role in the clerical field, and have exceeded the goals that have been set for me, I am sure that adding me to your team will end up in me contributing much more than what you expect.

5. I have a history of success behind me. But I am still eager to learn new things and overcome challenges. Ensuring deliverables on time and working towards the progress of the company in a proactive manner makes me an excellent choice to hire.

6. I believe that I am a great fit for this position because my skills and qualifications are extremely well-aligned with your company’s goals and objectives. Keeping this in mind, I am sure that I will be contributory immediately, and will require very little training.

7. Because I am a self-motivated individual, I go well and beyond the scope of work in any capacity. I am technology-savvy, and I am passionate about working towards my own goal, and that of the company’s.

8. I have this amazing ability to find my niche in any circumstances. I am a helpful individual, who believes in sharing information aimed at supporting my peers’ efforts. I am also a team-oriented individual, who takes great pride in bringing people together to work towards a common goal.

Front Desk and Receptionist

9. My previous job of working in a front desk position has provided me with excellent experience in handling a wide array of jobs related to tier-1 services. I believe that this experience, along with the experience that it brings is what makes me a great fit for this position.

Customer Service and Retail

10. After much research, I discovered that your requirements for a customer service representative and my abilities are a perfect match. Since I can deliver at least as much (hopefully more) as you expect me to, I am sure that I will fit in just perfectly.

11. I believe that I am an excellent contender for this position because I have extensive customer service experience. Since your organization is famous for its service orientation, I believe that my contribution to your company will be welcome.

Administrative Assistant

12. The qualifications that I bring to you cannot be measured in traditional experience or skills metrics. I have a wide array of experience in administrative spanning 15 years and feel that I can provide your organization with the same kind of contribution as I have to others.


13. Possessing an in-depth understanding of financial markets, I am positive that my addition to your team will be highly fruitful for the company. Also, I am solution-oriented, which means that I bring to the table more than just standard leadership.

Project Management

14. I have a solid background in leading projects and bringing them to fruition. My people skills have helped me score well with both clients and colleagues, and I believe that good relationship management is one of the main areas that you are looking for. Also, I am passionate about this industry and feel that I can be driven to deliver high-quality work on a continuous basis.

15. When I saw the advertisement that you put up, I honestly felt that the job description was written for me specifically. I have over 8 years of experience in this regard, which is exactly what you are looking for. With a solid track record of successful projects and associated accomplishments, I am sure that I am the right person to work for you.


16. I have a solid creative streak which I am sure will be a great addition to your team of creative individuals. Since I have worked on big projects requiring aesthetic excellence, I am sure that I can be of great worth to your existing, as well as forthcoming projects.


17. Based on my research of your company and its products and services, I see that you are looking for an excellent communicator, with a great background in marketing. I have both and more.


18. My experience with technology is what makes me an excellent person to hire for this position. I firmly believe that I am way ahead of all the other candidates for this job primarily because I am a go-getter, who has a solid will to learn and grow along with the company.


19. You are looking for someone with leadership qualities. I am that “someone”. I say this with such confidence because I have worked in a similar role before, and know what the work entails. I am not just a leader – I am a mentor.


20. I have been working as a communications specialist for over ten years within the development sector. Moreover, I believe that your organization is in the market for a communication specialist who knows the work inside out and has a great connection. In fact, I fill this criterion and am talented enough to do justice to the job.

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