Administrative Intern Cover Letter Sample

Updated on September 15, 2018

When you are attempting to write a cover letter for an internship position, you need to pay special attention to your most relevant skills and attributes. Administrative interns are hired to perform basic and entry-level administrative support tasks and are provided on-the-job training to be eligible for permanent positions in the future.

Administrative interns are responsible for performing a number of tasks such as aiding the staff, coordinating office services and handling record keeping activities. They may also be expected to prepare reports about attendance records, budgets, and performance data. Administrative interns benefit much from internships as they provide them with a real-time environment to learn the ropes and some experience in what can be expected from them at a future position.


Administrative Intern Cover Letter Sample


Julia Fernandez
389 Dunn Hollow Drive
Fairfield Bay, AR 78900
(000) 111-3211

September 15, 2018

Mr. William Graham
Manager HR
647 Serviceberry Lane
Fairfield Bay, AR 64890


Dear Mr. Graham:

I am interested in obtaining the position of Administrative Intern at G4S in order to provide your company with the benefit of my education and progressive approach to work. After reviewing your website, I was excited to learn about the core values at G4S such as excellent customer service, hard work, and fun environment as these fit perfectly with my work values.

During my education, I had some exposure to the business world through my interaction with business professionals as part of a fraternity involvement project. I was specially commended on my knowledge of implementing administrative regulations and policies while being questioned in a mock interview. I am particularly interested in understanding the functioning of an office as far as administrative work is concerned. Moreover, I offer the ability to maintain discretion where sensitive data is concerned, strong customer orientation and effective communication skills which would be a proven asset to your organization.

With an ultimate goal of exceeding your expectations, I offer my services for the growth of G4S. My resume and a recommendation letter are enclosed herewith that I am sure you will find interesting. Thank you for taking out the time to review this application.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my capabilities in detail.


Sincerely yours,

Julia Fernandez

Enc. Resume