Administrative Intern Resume Sample

Updated on: November 24, 2021

Writing a resume for an administrative internship position requires a lot of thought.

Since most applicants for internship programs are students or new graduates, it is important to chart out skills effectively and force a recruiter to look at your job application with interest.

Administrative interns are hired to perform basic administrative and clerical tasks within a company.

This is temporary work for which the intern may or may not be paid, depending on the company that he is working for.

Administrative interns are necessarily required to perform duties that will help an office run smoothly.

They receive on-the-job training that prepares them for a future position in a similar capacity.

There are many duties that an administrative intern is expected to perform including filing, composing business documents, researching information, and providing reception support.

Many universities require students to do internships in order to add credits to their courses.

If your university has a similar requirement, you may need to write a resume.

Here is a sample resume for an administrative intern position.

Administrative Intern Resume Sample

Joel Asher
388 Bertrand Avenue
Saint Marys, KS 53635
(000) 999-0109

Excellent Communicator | Reliable | Efficient

A dependable and meticulous individual seeking an administrative internship at ABC Company where organizational skills and multitasking abilities can be utilized. Always tries to achieve the most excellent results. Able to perform basic clerical work and quickly grasp what needs to be done. Exceptional communication and problem-solving skills and the ability to timely complete the assigned work.

• Able to provide non-stop support to assist the office in running efficiently.
• Strong understanding of information distribution procedures, data entry management, and research activities.
• Familiar with administrative regulations, policies, and procedures.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Kansas State University, Saint Marys, KS – (in progress)


Fraternity Involvement | Forward Kansas Chapter – Member
• Gained considerable knowledge of the business world by interacting with professionals from different firms.
• Attended a career workshop and experienced three mock interviews.

Student Group – Commissioner
• Collected and organized student organizations’ information and organized it in databases.
• Managed to improve communications between student organizations by arranging and coordinating events.
• Generated ideas and implemented plans to bring teachers and students together through mutual dialogue and understanding.

• Computer: MS Office Applications, Visio
• Knowledge of using and maintaining office machines
• Ability to meet deadlines and prioritize work