Law Firm Intern Job Description

Updated on: July 2, 2018

A law firm intern or a legal intern is an individual who is hired to provide administrative and clerical assistance to law offices.

They are eligible to work after successful completion of their law degrees, although some might even be hired during their degree program.

The work of a law firm intern is quite basic, as one has to perform limited tasks, but it is a great learning opportunity for people aspiring to work as full-time legal assistants or clerks.

To see what specific duties you will be expected to perform in the role of a law firm intern, have a look at the following list:

Law Firm Intern Duties & Responsibilities

• Go through case files to determine their categories, and ensure that they are properly filed.
• Perform initial intake interviews with clients, to identify new case details, and record them accurately.
• Create dockets for all new and existing cases, ensuring that the information in them is complete and accurate.
• Develop storage ideas for case files, to ensure that they are kept in a confidential place.
• Perform research activities to determine case precedents, and create and submit correlating reports.
• Assist clients in understanding the policies and regulations of the law office, and educate them about offered services, and timelines.
• Appropriately handle evidence, ensuring that it is not compromised before being presented in court.
• Research prior legislation, and perform fact checking activities, to provide cases with backups.
• Track the development of specific cases, and ensure that any hurdles or problems are timely communicated.
• Respond to questions, queries, and concerns over the telephone, in person, and through email.

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Working as a law firm intern requires one to possess a degree in law, or at least be part of a degree program.

You have to make sure that you understand the work that is involved in handling tasks at the law firm where you are working. As a legal intern, you will need to perform many research activities, aimed at determining case precedents, and it will also be part of your work to ensure that case files are properly maintained.

Apart from all this, law firm interns are expected to manage record keeping work, ensuring that the completeness, accuracy, and confidentiality of assigned records are appropriately maintained, and kept a priority.

Moreover, working in this position will require you to possess exceptional written and verbal communication skills, so that you can interact with people from different backgrounds.