Film Production Internship Resume Sample

Updated on: November 29, 2021

Unless you obtain a film production internship, there is little chance for you to be hired as a film production assistant.

First things first – you have to create a resume to apply for an internship.

Your resume should highlight your qualifications for the position, such as a degree or diploma in filmmaking or production, and the skills that you can bank on.

As a film production intern, you will need to highlight your knowledge of preparing sets, assisting costume designers, and coordinating extras.

This will help a hiring manager look at your resume favorably.

Here is a sample resume that you can use to apply for a film production internship:

Film Production Internship Resume Example

Luke Perry
52 Acorn Street, North Kingstown, RI27934
(000) 999-3256


Creative, enthusiastic, and industrious individual, with an inherent interest in filmmaking and production, seeking employment at ABC Company. Bringing the ability to organize filming schedules and contracts, and assist with set preparation and costumes.


  • Prop Setting
  • Scripts Handling
  • Extras Coordination
  • Errands Running
  • Crowd Control
  • Timesheets Management
  • Meetings Organization
  • Cues Oversight
  • Budgeting
  • Continuity Management
  • Production Facilitation
  • Vendor Communication

Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking
North Kingstown Film School, North Kingstown, RI – 2021

• Remained on the Dean’s list for 2 years, due to the exceptional academic record.
• Represented the college in a film festival organized by UNESCO.
• Chosen to represent the college for the Worldwide Filmmaking Project held in New York City.


NBC Universal, North Kingstown, RI 
May 2021 – Aug 2021
• Worked closely with producers to research, select, and locate required footage.
• Assisted in creating on-screen graphics.
• Prepared sites by installing lights, props, and equipment.
• Assisted costume designers and directors in order to ensure timeliness.
• Printed and distributed schedules and scripts.
• Accompanied actors around the set.
• Coordinated extras and performed crowd control tasks.
• Distributed items within to film crew and cast.
• Labeled and organized costumes and props required for filming purposes.

• Received the college’s internal filmmaking award for making a short documentary on the alumni.
• Placed on top of the student list, owing to exceptional academic achievements.

• Played soccer and baseball as part of school clubs, as well as independent community clubs.
• Headed the school filmmaking club, and was responsible for training students in filmmaking projects.

Fluent in 3 languages, including English, French, and German

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