6 Business Intern Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 19, 2021

What do interviews mean to you? When applying for a business intern position, they should mean everything.

And since you want the experience and the exposure at this time, it is imperative that you prepare well in advance.

In an interview for a business intern role, you must concentrate on what you have to offer to the company, rather than what you will gain from it.

Preparing for interview questions in advance is essential. As necessary is to determine what questions you may be asked.

Here is a set to help you out:

Business Intern Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why should we hire you as a business intern in our office?

I am an extremely well-organized individual who has a deep interest in learning business processes and contributing positively to the company. With a degree in business and an inherent interest in building up businesses, I am sure that there is no one better person to hire than me.

2. How will you be able to help us if we hire you as a business intern?

If hired in a business intern position, I will have a lot to contribute. For instance, I can organize your filing and record-keeping systems, and I can also oversee database updating work. Additionally, I can help create correspondence and ensure that mail is properly distributed. Moreover, I can assist in the development of business relations with clients and external partners.

3. Why did you choose to work in a business capacity, specifically?

For starters, my degree was in business. And I decided to acquire this degree, and eventually work in a business capacity because not only am I interested in this work, I am incredibly competent in it as well.

4. What do you think is most challenging about working in a business intern position?

I am sure that there will be many challenges, and at this point, I might not be able to pinpoint just one. However, I am ready to face them all.

5. Why should we hire you, and not anyone else from the candidate pool?

I am a stickler for perfection. And I can also determine my limitations. Since I know the work somewhat, owing to a volunteer stint at my university office, I have a better chance at contributing than anyone else.

6. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years, I expect to be working in a business administration role, with interns and clerical staff working under my direction.

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